The Apple iPhone 3G Way to Better Health.

Isn’t technology great?

Once you had to wade through heaps of medical texts to find out what symptoms match what disease. Then the internet showed up and you could access the same information much more quickly through the click of the mouse.

And now there is the A.D.A.M., the Symptom Navigator, a web application that has been created for the new Apple iPhone 3G which will allow people to identify health concerns on the go. It doesn’t matter where you are – on the beach, in the air, at the circus -as long as you have network access and a iPhone, you can use it. You simply have to load the Symptom Navigator on the iPhone 3G by visiting

Here’s how it works. An image of the human body is on the screen and the user is able to click on the area of the body they re concerned about. When they do this, they will be presented with a menu of related symptoms. Once the user has selected a symptom from the menu, they are provided with the possible causes, how to treat, advice on when to call the doctor, and what to expect from your doctor. By the way, all the medical information provided is from the A.D.A.M. medically reviewed, evidence-based, and URAC accredited Health Encyclopedia.

Sounds amazing.

For anyone thinking of buying the new Apple iPhone 3G, it goes on sale July 11th.

Me, I’m going to add it to my ‘christmas wish list’ alongside the Nintendo Wii…


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    • Kelly Turner

      I definately need that.

      I often get belly aches at the circus. it could be all the cotton candy, but sometimes you never know….

    • Liz

      So does that mean you’re heading out to buy the iphone!!!