• Tue, Jul 8 2008

Getting work done when you’re not inspired

This may be more for me than for you today, but I’m having the worst time getting my brain back in gear and staying on task at work after traveling the past couple of weeks even after trying to follow my own advice about decompressing after vacation.

Web Worker Daily has some hints about How to Get your Work Done When You’re Not Inspired

The part I struggle with the most is the advice to “Go for quantity first, then evaluate for quality”.

I suffer from an extreme case of perfectionism paralysis when I have trouble doing anything if I can’t do it exactly like I want to do it. However, I’m concluding that, like Nike says, I should, “Just Do It”.

I’ll “just do it” right after I go get something to drink and see what’s going on over in the department and go to the bathroom and get a snack…

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  • Cammi

    Too True!!!