Do You Have Pictures Of The Lamictal Rash?

There’s been a bit of conversation stirring up over at 7 Things You Need To Know About The Lamictal Rash lately, and in light of that I thought it’d be beneficial to post some pictures of the Lamictal rash.

(In addition to the above post, check out the Patient Information Leaflet for LAMICTAL® (lamotrigine) from Lamictal’s Web site for more information about the Lamictal rash.)

However, while scouring the Internet for pictures of the Lamictal rash, I kept finding the same picture time and time again. (Actually, I found several pictures, but this was the only one I felt was reliable.) It’s a picture of the Lamictal rash on one patient’s legs, and you can see it on about 20 million different Web sites. I’ll link to the one at Depression Forums, though, because in addition to the Lamictal rash picture, the Depression Forums post also provides a very lengthy explanation of Lamictal (seriously, I don’t think I learned this much about the drug from the actual Lamictal Web site).

So, my question is: Do any of you readers have pictures of the Lamictal rash you’d be willing to share with Mental Health Notes? I’d like to organize a post to display them so other readers could easily find the pictures. If you do, leave me a comment below or shoot me an email and we’ll go from there.



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    • Dana

      my daughter (age 8) had a horrendous rash that we believe was from lamicital
      do not know if it was “THE RASH” but it is A RASH
      if you want to see it

    • Alicia Sparks, Mental Health Notes

      @ Dana – Until I met a lady who commented here a few weeks ago, I had no idea children that young were being prescribed Lamictal. She also had a very young child who was on Lamictal (10 years old, you can read her comments/experience here).

      In any event, I’d love to see the pictures but unless you all are sure it was from Lamictal it probably wouldn’t be an accurate reference point for readers. I really appreciate your offer, though!

      Is your daughter still on Lamictal, or did she stop taking it after the rash in question popped up?

    • Lamictal Side Effects

      My name is Lewis Spence and i would like to show you my personal experience with Lamictal.

      I am 27 years old. Have been on Lamictal for at least 10 months now. This is an excellent medication that has significantly improved my life. After having tried Lithium, Depakote, and many other anti-depressants, I was frustrated. But after taking Lamictal, and sticking with it, the results have been exceedingly positive. I strongly recommend it.

      I have experienced some of these side effects-
      Very few; especially compared to other mood stabilizing medications I have taken in the past. For the first few weeks I had some difficulty with memory and word recall, but this went away with time. I sometimes experience more vivid dreams, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Otherwise, no side effects of note.
      I hope this information will be useful to others,
      Lewis Spence

    • Alicia Sparks, Mental Health Notes

      @ Lewis – Thanks for sharing your experiences :) Lamictal does seem to work for many, many people.

    • Rafael

      I’ve been taking Lamotrigine (Lamictal) in conjunction with Buproprion (Welbutrin) for approximately 6 or 7 months.

      I have developed quarter sized red, itchy, flaky spots on my thighs, calves and forearms.

      They are small and do not hurt but they itch a lot especailly around bedtime.

      I scratch them a lot in my sleep and this makes them worse.

      I’ve tried ointments such as Neosporin, Psoriasis ointments, moisturizing creams and even antifungal products.

      They seem to relieve the rashes for short periods but they always return.

      I will be contacting my perscribing physician this week and if she determines that this is a result of the Lamictal, I would be happy to share photos of my rashes.

    • Db

      I left a message before. Lamictal almost killed me, ruined my eyesight and burned my throatway. i have been disable by it. Do you work for Glaxo and remove negative posts?

    • Lolly

      I have been on Lamictal for 6 months now. It has greatly improved my stability. I have not tried other meds and don’t really want to due to the side effects they cause.

      I have had some issues with rash, usually when dosage is increased. All have been on extremities, upper thigh/hip area, arms, elbows, lower legs, etc. The rashes ranged from red blotches that itched a little and were dry and flaky to small red dots that did not bother me at all. My elbows seem to be more of a whitish bump with red irritation and were extremely dry.

      Usually when this happened I would stop for a couple days and/or go down to the last dosage that I was taking until the rash disappeared, then start taking the new dose again with success.

      I take this for bipolar and am very happy with the results. I have a much clearer picture of life in general and my reactions to situations, good and bad, are more stable.
      And No, I do not work for any pharmaceutical companies and actually prefer alternative treatments to taking pills. However, I am very happy to have lamictal at this time in my life! :)

    • Brandi

      I have been on Lamictal for about 2 and 1/2 months now and this is the best I have felt in a long long time. I have been on lithium,depakote,seroquel,and just about every antidepressant there is in the past 5 years. In my experience, the drugs were “great” until about 6 months later they would fade out or my blood and liver levels became toxic. I am praying that lamictal keeps on working as this is the closest to “normal” I have felt in a long time. I have severe depression and lamictal has brought a little sunshine into my world. But I must say, I am experiencing a rash, mostly on my upper back and the tops of my hands ;little red bumps that itch. Don’t know if its related or not, am afraid to tell my psychiatrist,as I don’t want to be taken off this medication.

    • Rob Dyer

      I was taking lamictal for 2 weeks (25 mg am @ 25 mg pm),then after only 2 weeks my dosage was boosted up to 100mg am and 100mg pm. Three weeks later I noticed areas on the top of my hands that had small tiny “pimples”.In certain light and depending on the angle many more were becoming visible on other parts of my body-arms-neck-side of face.I have stopped taking it now for 2 days but nothing seems to have improved. It has become worse.My doctor was nice enough to return my call himself and said to discontinue use- I already had when I looked at my neck and stuff. I have been using Benadryl spray and capsules together. I wonder how long it will take for it to either get worse or go away completely.

    • Rob Dyer

      I also took some pics of my hands and forearms . Can I send them here? Rob

    • Cita Strauss

      I take it for Tri-geminal neuralgia…has kept me pain free until it didn’t and dosage had to be raised…I don’t have a rash but sometimes a vitamin B6 type itching…..

    • Teresa talavera

      hi .. I been takin lamictal for 4 days berely and today I saw a small rash in my stomach … Could this be caused for taking lamictal ? My doctor told me to call rigth away if I see a rash but I don’t know if I should call … Since everyone here says it takes 2 or more weeks for a rash after taking the medicine… So I don’t know what to do?any advise?

    • J.E. Macias

      Hello! I been taking Lamictal for 4 weeks and a 3 days, I stared with 2 weeks taking 25 mg. then 2 weeks taking 50 mg. now i have 3 days taking 100 mg. in the second day my arms stared to show in my skin rash, in the trird day was my chest, back, feet and hips, i called my doctor but she were not at her office, so tonigth i will take just half of the pill for get 50 mg, but I dont know for how long I will have the rash, i feel great taking Lamictal, it was prescribed to be for treat mood desorder, since im taking Lamictal Im more happy and mood is o lot better, if some one can tell for how long expirinced the rash I wil apreciate because i can figurated better for how long it will be in my skin.

    • Anne

      I took Lamictal for 3 years with no signs of a rash. I was very happy with it as an anti-depressant after trying several others. My rash started as same patches of dry skin. By the time my face was covered in red, itchy nickel-sized circles did my doctor tell me to stop the Lamictal. The spots no longer itch but are still red and flaky. I’m not able to cover them with make-up. I’m seeing a dermotologist (the earliest appointment I could get was in 2 weeks). I thought stopping the Lamictal would stop the rash but now I’m concerned about scarring. I never had any skin problems so having this rash on my face is very upsetting. I didn’t leave the house for several days but today I decided I couldn’t keep living so I covered as much with make-up as possible and went to the gym. Drugs like Lamictal stay in your system for awhile so I’m hoping after I have been off it a week or more I will start to see improvement.

      Also, I had to take a medication for anxiety to cope with the Lamictal withdrawal. Don’t take the smallest rash for granted. If you cannot get your doctor to give you an appointment, go to an Urgent Care Center.

    • Megan

      I took Lamictal for almost a month. Halfway through my fourth week, my lips broke out in mini blisters; I just though I had some type of cold sores, but they disappeared the next day. Four days later, my entire body broke out in a red, itchy, painful rash. It covered over 70% of my body and I had to go to the hospital and stay in the burn unit for 5 days. They told me if I had taken only two or three more dosages of the medicine that I would have developed Steven-Johnson’s Syndrome. This happened in November of 2009 and I still have significant marks from the rash on my arms, back, stomach, chest, legs, and feet. Anyone who takes this medicine, IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF DEVELOPING ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO MEDICINE, DO NOT TAKE THIS!!! Just trying to warn those out there. I’m sure it’s done great things for other people, I’m just sharing my experience.

    • wanda

      I have been on Lamictal for 5 years. It has been my saving grace. I have been breaking out in awful rashes and hives for 3 months. I found online pictures of the rash and they match what i have. But I have been on the medicine for 5 years is it possible that my body chemistry would have changed so much as I got older to where I would just now develop an allergic reaction to the medicine?

      • Laura

        I was told by my Dr. that the rash is very dangerous and can spread to the insides of you body. You should probably contact the Dr. right away or at least a Pharmacist(they know more about meds anyway). I hope I don’t get one down the line because it has been a life saver for me and other family members. Let me know what they say for you:)

      • jackie

        my doctor said to try Benadryl 25mg to 50mg at bedtime.

    • Lori

      I started taking lamictal a few weeks ago. (for brain siezures) i noticed that i started to feel better. then last night my feet and ankles were covered in a red blotchy rash. today my arms, legs, cheast, feet, back , and now a small part of my face have the rash which is red and blotchy in some spots and little red spots in others. it itches like crazy and kept me up last night, warm water seemed to agrivate it more. not sure if its from the medication. trying to find photos to rule it out.

      • Laura

        Did they work you up to the dose you are on very very slowely. My Dr. said that you have to do 25mgs for 2weeks, 50mgs for 2week, 100mgs for 1 week and then the 200mgs. I hope you at least called the pharmacist right away because I was told to stop taking it if I got a rash. But I use it for depression not seizers. Talk to Dr. right away or at least Pharm tech. I hope you feel better!

      • Keila

        Probably mine started on my arm then showed up on my shins someone deffinately needs to get pix from somewhere.

    • Angie

      I have a 7 year old son who has been on Lamictal for 2 years as of 11-9-10 he came home from school and was very tired, his babysitter was rubbing his neck and noticed a rash. In 3 hours it was all over his nose neck and stomach. We have been to the docter the local er and the doctor sent him to the city hospital 2 hours away and I am yet to get this taken care of. I need some advice it is getting worse and every doctor has given me a new answer. He is starting to show signs of mental confusion, lack of energy, Nothing is helping my baby and no one knows anything. any suggestions anyone.

    • Jackie

      I have been taking Lamictal for about 2 years now and it has been probably the best medication I have taken to stabilize my mood. I recenlty went up on the dosage, first by 25 mg, then by another 25 mg and developed a rash yesterday. I have very few bumps, but am extremely itchy and my eyes are swollen like an allergy. I called my doctor and he said to immediately stop the Lamictal and take Benadryl. I am scared to be off the Lamictal, but even more scared to have the allergy.

    • Dee

      Please, please post your pics of the rash! My son has only been taking Lamicital for one day, but has developed a rash on his thigh and his scalp is itching and driving him crazy! He has also been very sick at his stomach! Could this happen in one day??
      My son took Abilify before and had a Dystonic reaction that was horrible! Therefore, he was taken off of that med. I was hoping the Lamicital would work!! We need it to desperately!!
      I have been taking Lamicital for several years and it has been a lifesaver! I have had some of the red spots that itch and are dry and flaky. However, I did not realize this was from the Lamicital until reading som of theses posts!!

      • Jackie

        Dee, your red spots may simply be dry skin patches…I have always had them and still get them, even though I know longer take the Lamictal. As for your son, it does sound like the Lamictal is the cause. I wish I had taken pictures, but the rash was so minimal- the itching in my head was the worst and then the swollen allergy eyes. Benadryl saved me from that….I suggest that asap. Interestingly enough, I was put on Abilify….
        Try the Benadryl and keep posted

    • rick

      Yes. Please post pictures of the rash!!!!!.
      Also, if anyone with dark skin can show the rash this would also be very very helpful.
      I’m already naturally susceptible to rashes, and if i use anything other than hypo-allergenic detergent, I itch. I’m scared $htl$ about the “death rash,” but have no clue what it would look like on my skin. Its a great medicine otherwise.

    • rose

      I took lametrigin for one month i started at 25 mgs then 100mgs i started itching 3 weeks befor the month i get itchy during the night more how long does this last for does the itching goes away benadrile is not helpping.

    • liz

      Thanks so much for posting the picture of the rash. It was really helpful!

    • Karen

      I feel for anyone who has gotten the Lamictal rash. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones, but I do have sensitive dry skin because I am now in my 60s (2012). I just got a patch on one wrist, but I think it’s dishpan hands! I have bipolar disorder & was not diagnosed until my late 50s. So I’ve been on Lamictal for 7 years. Last summer (2011) I went into a severe depressive episode. My psychiatrist raised the dose of Lamictal. I took 150 mg. for over 6 years, he raised it to 200 mg. Some life events caused my depression to persist, but eventually I came out of it and I feel very well now. Does anyone know if you can still get the rash if you’ve taken Lamictal as long as I have? Or if you’re more likely to get it as you age? I will be 65 in Dec. 2012. There are some psych meds I can’t take because I was born with heart problems and then developed other heart problems (not coronary). Thanks and good luck to everyone.

    • Lamotrigine rash sufferer

      I have come up in a rash after three years of taking Lamotrigine. Naturally, I didn’t connect the two and the first two nurses I saw thought I had tons of insect bites. Saw a doc today and I’m being yanked off the pills immediately and told to seek medical help if it gets any worse. Absolutely terrified! Particularly, since I have it on bum/vagina and it says warning signs of a serious rash include when it is on thinner skin/mucous membranes like in those areas. However, I feel fine now and have had it for 1 week so fingers crossed I’m ok!

      To give a description of what I have. It does look a bit like bug bites, but it starts as pin pricks. It started with an itch around my bum/vagina, then I got it all over my legs, arms, back and stomach. It itches, but not too bad in the day, more at night. It also stings/burns a bit and sometimes it feels like my skin is bruised and achey where the spots are. I’ve been told to be vigilant but not panic – i.e. get to a doc immediately if anything seems to get worse. But it’s worth noting that there is not ONE lamotrigine rash. The one everyone is scared of is SJS, but the doc explained today that is right at the end of a spectrum of disorders and it is rare. There are many other, less serious, rashes you could get. If there is a sign of any rash, however, get thee to a doctor right away! If it’s at the weekend go to a drop-in centre or something. It’s not a good idea to play chicken with a lamotrigine rash!

    • JEng

      are you saying that stevens johnson and other rashes appear when first taking lamictal or that it can occur after awhile?

      China has just punished Glaxo Smith Kline for bribing doctors to prescribe it. I am wondering if lamictal is the only game in town and what Chinese will be prescribed instead.

      racial groups are especially prone to cutaneous adverse reactions with
      anticonvulsants. Han Chinese and other South east Asians groups who have
      a particular HLA-B allele, HLA-B*1502 are significantly more likely to
      develop severe reactions such as Stevens Johnson syndrome and toxic
      epidermal necrolysis (TEN) with anticonvulsants. Testing for the
      particular allele prior to the commencement of an anticonvulsant may be
      useful in identifying patients at risk.”

    • kEN

      duh… your physician told you what to do… CALL. Let them decide if it’s related or not. it is their job after all and from what I understand some rashes caused by Lamictal can be dangerous and even deadly. I stopped taking Lamictal after just a week due to the side effects of it making me dizzy and giving me double vision. good luck to you…CALL YOUR DOCTOR!!!!!!

    • Jannie

      I have been on 200mg of Lamictal for about 5 months now. Within the past month or so I have a rash on my cheeks. I called my doctor and they seemed to think that I would have developed the rash sooner if it was indeed a Lamictal rash. I can’t seem to find any good pictures of what it looks like. If I took a picture of my cheeks, could someone tell me if thats what it looks like?
      I also have never had skin problems so it is upsetting because I have tried different face washes, moisturizers, cortaid etc. I thought I even may have an allergy to sulfites. Nothing seems to help!