• Wed, Jul 16 2008

Plum & Rose Curd

 plum curd

This was a wonderful addition to the  Plum & White Tea Scones.  I loved the color!

It tasted remarkably like blueberry.  The next time I make it I plan on adding a litle lemon juice just to cut the sweetness a bit.  This would be an amazing filling for a sponge cake as well.  This is best microwaved, in  my opinion, because there is not enough liquid to keep it from scorching over direct heat.

Plum & Rose Curd 

1 cup sugar

2 egg yolks

1 cup pureed plum

1/2 tsp rose water

1/2 c unsalted butter

Mix sugar, plum, and egg yolks in a microwave safe bowl.   Microwave, stirring every minutes, until mixture coats a spoon.   Whisk in butter in small pieces.  Add rose water.  Chill.

Keep refrigerated.

About 1 cup

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  • http://www.dreamflowerknitting.blogspot.com Monica

    double boiler would also be a good option for reducing scorching…

  • Marye

    Probably Monica..I am hooked on my microwave for that stuff.

  • http://storybookwoods.typepad.com/storybook_woods/ clarice

    Oh this is wonderful, I am going to added it my rose syrup links. I hope that is okay. Thank you Clarice

  • Marye

    Clarice, thanks for stopping by! Yes it will be great! I love that part of your blog!