Eggology: The Zen of Egg Whites


Last week I had an interview with Brad Halpern, of Eggology. I was writing the interview for LovetoKnow Organics. It is a fascinating (if I do say so myself) interview and you should read it.

BUT…as we were chatting, and I promise you we did CHAT, we got on the subject of cooking and baking, and of course Baking Delights. Brad offered to send me some samples of the product and I gladly accepted. I mean, can you really ever have too many egg whites? I think not.

The company is comitted to healthy, ethically treated animals. They have their own certification system for farms and the eggs are both certified organic and certified humane…that is an awesome commitment for a large company in this day and age..and I was impressed. No green- washing here.

So..I got the egg whites and sure enough..they were obviously egg whites. Lots of them. They whipped up into fluffy meringue…they glazed the sesame braid, they created a lovely face mask…

I compared them to the whites from our own free range hens and there was virtually no difference in taste or quality.

Now I am really impressed.

Best of all they are totally safe. Eggology checks their eggs for bacteria EVERY SINGLE DAY. So , if you have a yen to be like Rocky and suck down some raw egg whites you can do that too.

Daring Bakers, this product is definitely going to save us some time! It is available at Wholefoods, Safeway, and other stores, or through their site.

Personally, I would recommend lemon meringue pie.

Image:Marye Audet

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    • Lynn

      Im impressed too! :) Saves us time to break those eggs. hehe..

    • Marye

      You bet!

    • Ginger

      I like this! What a great idea.

    • Marye

      I KNow! Their corporate offices are n’t too far from you I don;t think You should easily be able to get it.

    • noble pig

      It’s a great product.

    • Marye

      I like it, I will probably stick to my eggs since we have chickens but if I have to make mountains of meringue? I am so there.

    • african vanielje

      Wow, I suppose eventually we had to get lazy organics. It’s good to know that organics can compete in the mainstream market.