• Thu, Jul 17 2008

Announcing the Safe Arrival of…

Nicole Marie White
7 pounds, 2 ounces
19.5 inches

Born Thursday, July 17, 2008
at 2:51 a.m.

At home, in the water.

Our first nursing session lasted a blissful hour. I am happy and feeling well! More details later!

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  • http://wildnursling.blogspot.com Melissa

    Hip hip hooray!! Congratulations to all of you but especially you mama!

  • Michelle

    What a beautiful name! I’m so glad that Miss Nicole was born safely! Enjoy this new time with the baby, I can’t wait to hear more about the birth when you are rested!

  • http://www.breakingthemirror.com Angelique

    Congratulations! How lovely!

  • http://mariawj.blogspot.com Maria


  • http://www.adventuresofabreastfeedingmother.blogspot.com Shelly

    Hooray! Congratulations!

  • http://itisjustallaboutme.wordpress.com Emily

    YEAH!!! Congratulations and I can’t wait to read birth details. I have a page dedicated to them on my blog. :)

  • LoopyNZ

    Congratulations! A beautiful name. Enjoy your wee darling.

  • Shannon


  • http://minkcoatandvelvetsweatpants.blogspot.com Janya

    YAAY! I love her name and can’t wait to hear her birth story!

    :) Janya

  • Becky

    Congrats on your new arrival!

  • http://www.healthbolt.net Liberty

    Awwww! Beautiful name. A BIG congrats to you and your family, Angela. Can’t wait to hear more! :)

  • http://breastfeeding.blog.motherwear.com tanya@motherwearblog

    Hooray! Congratulations! I hope to hear more about the birth – and I’m sure we’ll hear more about breastfeeding… Yeah!

    - Tanya

  • http://www.mentalhealthnotes.com Alicia, Mental Health Notes

    Congratulations Angela!

  • http://www.diabetesnotes.com Kendra

    Congrats and I am so happy everyone is healthy and happy!

  • http://forum.breastfeedingmums.com/ Sinead at Breastfeeding Mums Forums

    I’m delighted for you, Angela. Many congratulations and I love the name you’ve chosen for your little girl :)

  • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

    Thanks everyone for the congratulations! We are still well here and I’ll have more to post in the coming days.

  • Amy

    Hi Angela!

    Congrats to you and the whole family! Can’t wait to see her! I’m really surprised by her name, but I love it! :)

  • http://www.kidshealthnotes.com Grace

    what a beautiful name – Nicole Marie.
    congratulations Angela! we should say take it easy, but you know the drill to newborns :-)
    talk to you later!

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  • Jill

    Hooray! Yipee! Woo hoo! I’m so happy for all of you. Much love.

  • http://notadiylife.blogspot.com Heather

    Congratulations! What a blessing!

  • Selena

    Congratulations to you and your family! Glad everything went well. Now, rest up and enjoy that sweet baby girl– don’t worry about all of us, we’ll find other ways to stay busy online for awhile! :) Happy nursing…

  • http://www.cairomama.blogspot.com cairomama


  • Lori

    Congratulations to your entire family! Welcome baby Nicole!

  • http://blog.ambajam.com Ambajam


    We are having a cute baby photo contest this month. There are only 10 days left to enter. I hope you consider entering your little one or maybe help spread the word. ;)

    Here’s a link to the contest info:

  • http://www.eatingfabulous.com Ruth

    congratulations! a water birth at home, wow!

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