• Sat, Jul 26 2008

Blogsurfing Saturday

tea cup

First I would like to direct your attention to a very cool giveaway on Kettle and Cup.  I am giving away the new Coffee House Mystery book, due to be released September 30th. It is easy to enter so check it out!

I met Raquel at Kitchen Mysteries through..umm..Simply Home Remedies I think…mayb Kettle and Cup…anyway…she posted an incredible sounding recipe for..are you ready? Chocolate Cherry JAM.  Oh yeah.

Prudence Pennywise is a new blog to me…I love it! And the recipe for Cilantro, Lime & Honey Grilled Chicken looks amazing.

I have made homemade graham crackers and soda crackers and even animal crackers but never teething biscuits! Check these out on  She’s Becoming DoughMESStic.

Seriously, Maybelle’s Mom can feed me this Pasta Salad anytime. ANY time. WOW.

Ivonne always has something good…wonderful…but this time….it is amazing.  AND bathed in rum syrup. 

Alex at Addicted Sweet Tooth made homemade mascarpone cheese. It looks amazing.

I usually try not to link to blogs two weeks in a row but…Peabody did a watermelon cheesecake. Yep. I know. Check it out.

Did you ever wish you could keep up with all the foodie events? Check out Sticky Date.

Hey, have I mentioned that the Daring Bakers have a forum, and part of it is open to Not-the-Daring-Bakers?  If you have a question or  need a recipe I don;t think there is a better resource.

O.k..that’s it for me.  We are experiencing well over 100 degree days and …muggy sticky nights.  Have a great weekend. :)

Image: Marye Audet

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  • http://jamiescottage.blogspot.com Jamie in Rose Cottage

    Looks like some great links I’ll have to check out!

  • Marye

    thanks for stopping by jamie~!

  • http://www.gracioushosptality.blogspot.com LaTeaDah

    Thank you for the great links!


  • Marye

    thanks for stopping by!

  • http://wwwbunnysovencom.blogspot.com/ bunny

    i never new there was a blog that had all the blogging events on it,thanks marye !

  • Marye

    There are a couple, Bunny.

  • http://doughmesstic.blogspot.com Susan

    Wow – I didn’t know people actually looked at my blog! Seven has just rn out of these teething biscuits, and I have a new recipe to try out, so stay tunedd – I think these will be even better!
    Thanks for the post & link!

  • http://www.prudencepennywise.blogspot.com Prudy

    Thanks so much for the shout out!

  • Marye

    You are welcome, SUsan!
    No problem Prudy!