McDonald’s Goes Green

Well, they are not exactly changing the color of their store or their logos. See, what the popular food chain is doing is that they would be going green. Figuratively.

See, in a news report today, it was reported that GreenCore Technology, Inc. has successfully proved that their sales pitch work. See, they have sold units of the GreenCore 10200 DC air conditioners to McDonald’s. Now these air conditioning units get power from the sun. The well-known fastfood would be using such air conditioners in one of their restaurants.

“McDonald’s is a great high-profile application for the GreenCore Solar Air Conditioner. The ability to bring hybrid air conditioning to reduce the McDonald’s restaurant’s operating costs was very important to the franchisee for many reasons, not the least of which is their desire to ‘go green.’,” Brian Becker said. Becker is the current president of Solar Green Solutions.

Indeed, this is one really good way to help the environment. Nice job McDonald’s!

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    • Peter

      We have a villa in Manzanillo, Colima, Mx. Electricity is sky high now so we are looking for something to take the place of our 220 AC system. We have sunshine 360 days of the year. How can we, living in Mx, purchase your soar-powered A/C?

      Thank you for any information you can give us.

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    • Richard

      MacDonalds going green. What crap! Put in several green air conditioners and suddenly Maccas are eco friendly. Once they stop sourcing meat from cattle that live, sleep and breath their whole lives on top of metres of their own excrement and stop selling crap products like animal fat homogenized with sugar and sell it as Soft Serve (Yes, they were stopped from calling it ice cream), then there may be half a chance they may be believed.

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    • going green

      i think this is great for mcdonalds it was time they did something for the enviornment.the reason im on here is becuase im researching for my science project and i think its great what mcdonalds is doing. keep up the good work i bet you they could do more. :D

    • Bumfuck

      This article is a scam to get you to click on their ads. Many of the links are bad. I don’t think there is any such company as Greencore or any such product. This comment “Speak your Mind” is another scam to get your e-mail address– i just made up one.

    • Bryan

      The first McDonald’s in the Nation went solar last month in a beach community of San Diego, Ca!

      Philip Palumbo, owner of the Pacific Beach McDonald’s franchise is an advocate of solar technology and is helping the corporation pursue its sustainability efforts with his project.

    • Ron

      Phillip pulumbo could care less about solar power, as a business man he cares way more about the almighty dollar. Solar is just a way of getting more attention to a dying mcd’s branch.