August’s Living with Chronic Pain blog carnival

It’s Living with Chronic Pain blog carnival time again. We have some great submissions this month. Take a look at what the contributors have to offer:

Tina Samuels presents Helping a Loved One Cope posted at Chronic Pain Today.”Sometimes people stand by and don’t know what to do to help a loved one that has chronic pain, this article may help. ”

Sandy Robinson presents » Top Ten Reasons For Pain Medication Use Increasing posted at Fighting Fatigue and Help for Chronic Pelvic Pain posted at IC Disease.

Malin Karlsson presents Piriformis Syndrome – posted at Your New Healthsource – while Jessica presents How Angular Cheilitis Can Impact Your Life posted at Angular Cheilitis: “How the pain of angular cheilitis can impact your life.

Dean Moyer presents Neck Pain that Radiates posted at The Back Pain Blog: “A response to one reader’s question about Neck Pain that Radiates. In this post we attempt to define neck pain and cervical radiculopathy in a way that the average layman can understand.” Suzanne presents how to help a family with a medical emergency that lands them in I.C.U. posted at :: adventures in daily living ::.

Health Blogger presents Healing My Chronic Shoulder and Neck Pain posted at My Health and Fitness Blog and Dr Martin Russell presents Working Through A Problem posted at Self Help Blog.

I hope some of these posts are of help to you.


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    • Suzanne :: Adventures in Daily Living ::

      Thanks for hosting and for including my link! Best,


    • Marijke Durning, RN

      You’re very welcome Suzanne!

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    • neck pain

      There is often difficulty in having a relief because of factors such as constant worry, frustration and short temper. Various other factors that abstain from neck pain are arthritis, damaged disks and inflammation in the neck joints.

    • Sheryl

      Great collection of posts! Thank you.

      How would one enter for Sept.?

    • kristine

      “Earthing” is showing incredible promise as one of the most significant advances in the treatment of both acute and chronic inflammatory conditions, as demonstrated using medical infrared imaging (thermography). “Earthing” has been called “The most profound health discovery of our time.” by Dr.James Oschman author of “Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis”.

    • Sandy the Podiatrist (Brisbane

      Malin Karlsson’s Piriformis Syndrome was an excellent read. I have passed the link on to the staff at my Podiatry Clinic in Brisbane Australia. We have several folks who will benefit from this info. Thanks Again! Cheers Sandy