Carnival of Positive Thinking

As always at the start of a week I ask for articles to inspire us to cope with our grief, to cope with life whilst we recover from our bereavement. Here are this weeks positive thinking articles

Dr Martin W. Russell presents Working Through A Problem posted at Dr Martin W. Russell.

Louise Manning presents Wasting energy posted at The Human Imprint.

Chris Edgar presents Thoughts On Conscious Suffering posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, “The most effective inner work I’ve done on myself has been what’s often called “conscious suffering.” By this, I mean simply letting myself fully experience emotions I haven’t allowed myself to feel in the past. This kind of experience is rarely pleasant, but I find more calm and focus in my life — and the sensation I let myself experience becomes less agonizing — every time I do it.”

Omar Ganai presents 3 Basic Ingredients of Human Flourishing | Use Positive Psychology posted at Use Positive Psychology, saying, “Research from positive psychology suggests that a combination of three components leads to human flourishing: (1) positive emotions, (2) positive actions, and (3) positive meaning.”

Strong One presents Do you Dance or Do you Survive? posted at To Be A Strong One, saying, “A post to help you stay positive, even during the storm.”

Stephen Martile presents The Shocking Truth About Action! posted at by Stephen Martile, saying, “In Dr. Robert Anthony’s report, ‘The Shocking Truth about Action’ he says, “Most people believe that the doing, or action part, is what makes things happen. However, this belief causes you to create in reverse.” That statement really had me. It made me think, ”You can’t create without taking action. More importantly you can’t create greater results with less action.” It just defies logic. It turns out I was wrong. Would you like to know why? See, The Shocking Truth About Action!”

Peter presents Six Scientific Ways to Create True Happiness posted at The Change Blog.

Richard Onebamoi presents The Three Ps of a Test posted at SELF-IMPROVE-BLOG.

Sid Savara presents The Little Things In Life That Make Me Happy #163 posted at Sid Savara . com – Personal Development, Maximizing Productivity and Life Hacking, saying, “The Little Things In Life That Make Me Happy #163 – Watching someone bare their soul as they play guitar (or their instrument of choice) and sing a song they truly love.”

Sol Smith presents Seven Letters to Violette Throughout her Life posted at How to be a Badass Dad, saying, “A letter to my friend’s daughter who died at 3 month.”

Andrii Kovalchuk presents Create your new inspirational experience! posted at EducoBlog, saying, “How to create your new positive experience, which will override all negative which happened in your life!”

AndrewB presents 5 Instant Energy Tips posted at Personal Hack, saying, “Want instant energy? You know when you have one of those days where you get so much done, and feel energetic all day? Well these tips will help feel more energetic and productive right away.”

Vidyut presents Appreciative Inquiry – Transformation Through Positive Change posted at Adventures in India, saying, “Appreciative Inquiry is a methodology that works at creating change through exploring strengths.”

Shirley presents 9 Easy Ways to Show Your Appreciation « Brighter Days for you and me! posted at Brighter Days for you and me!, saying, “Whatever the reason, there are times when our minds our completely blank, and we can’t come up with a single idea to show our thanks. Here are a few tips to get you started:”

Peter Murphy presents How to Stay Motivated Around Negative People posted at Get Motivated Stay Motivated.

Anthony Delgado presents Grieve the Holy Spirit posted at eInquisitive | Giving you something productive to think about!.

Stephen presents How to Skillfully Deal with Suffering in the World posted at Balanced Existence.

Mike King presents Offer What You Know By Invitation posted at Learn This.

Dawn Abraham Life Coach presents My Positive Thinking Secrets That Work like Magic! posted at Qualified Life Coach, saying, “Is the negative talk about the economy getting you down? I felt compelled to bring up what seems to be an overwhelming need for positive thinking to come back into fashion. I feel we are having an emergency here and someone has to stop the madness.”

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