• Tue, Aug 19 2008

Navy Orders Solar Powered Air Conditioner

A week or two ago, I posted about McDonald’s going green because of their purchase of Solar Air Conditioners from Greencore.   Apparently,  also the U.S. Navy has ordered a few for their use.

GreenCore Technology Inc., formerly AquaCell Technologies Inc., has received an order from the United States Navy for its solar-powered air conditioners, which will be installed in a remote laboratory site operated by the Naval Research Laboratories (NRL).

You can download the Solar air conditioner’s technical specs here.   Model GC10200 – 2, the one that comes with the 170watt solar panel can provide  a cooling capacity of 10,200BTU/hr.   It has 2 batteries (450AH each).

The solar air conditioner runs on DC so no inverter is needed.    I think that’s great since normally, there are power losses attributed to power conversions from DC to AC   or AC to DC.

The only drawback I can see as of now is that it weighs about 500 to 900 lbs depending on the model.   It may not be applicable for residential applications yet but give it a few years, I guess they’ll be offering models for residential application.

[via mae.pennet.com ]

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  • http://www.totalsolarenergy.co.uk/residential-solar-power.html Total Solar Energy

    well, the navy must be a big contributor to carbon emissions so i guess this can only be a good thing. although, i can see the irony of it all as well