My Fruit Roll Ups Giveaway

My fruit rollupsWe’re giving away 3 boxes of a new product called My Fruit Roll-Ups, customizable Fruit Roll-Ups. These are custom Fruit Roll-Ups, which you can create online at,  by adding your own text and choosing from over 400 different images. 

The images on the can be customized to almost any party theme or event.  A box of thirty My Fruit Roll-Ups costs $29.95 plus shipping and handling (where applicable) and typically arrives at your home in about three weeks.

I’m going to order a box for my son’s teacher. I think they’d be great to use as a fun reward for good behavior.

How can you win a box of customizable Fruit Roll Ups for your next party or event?

  • Just leave a comment here telling us what you’ll use your Fruit Roll Ups for.
  • Don’t leave a generic “I want to win” comment, or you won’t win.
  • Leave your comment before midnight on September 1st.
  • One entry per household.
  • Winners must reply to contact attempts within 3 days, or a new winner will be picked.

Good luck!

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    • Carol

      I will use the Fruit Rollups in my son’s birthday “loot bags”. He is having a Batman theme, so I am hoping to win and then customize them with some type of Batman thing. Awesome giveaway!

    • Michele Ard

      I would use the Fruit Roll Ups as rewards from the instructor in my son’s Therapeutic Riding Program, with positive, motivating, horse related messages.

    • Michelle

      I will use the fruit roll ups to put in my kids’ school lunches with a special message to get them thru the day.

    • Tara M

      I am hoping I win this for my daughter’s second grade class gatherings. Thank you!

    • victoria

      I would use the rollups as treats for chores the kids get done. They would love this

      thanks for the giveaway

    • Rebecca Snodgrass

      I think this would be cool to take in as my sons snack to school.

    • Connie Coe

      My kids love this stuff

    • Sherry Carroll

      I would use these for my daughters’ birthdays. I think it would be a riot having personalized Fruit Roll-ups handed out on their birthdays at school. Or…I just might put our school’s name on them to hand out during our fund-raising events. Or…I could them in tandem with several “age” jokes and tricks I’m planning for my hubby’s surprise 50th BD party. Decisions….decisions!!

    • Patricia Hill

      I baby sit my 5 grandkids and I would love to have them for snacks after school and during the day for the preschooler. They already like fruit roll ups from the store and these would be special for them.

    • brian kass

      my kids love them

    • SANDY

      hmm party time is coming up but also could get them for the kids to slip into lunch just because

    • SHAWN M

      This is the coolest thing I have ever seen .. Party baby!

    • Ron Combs

      Fruit roll ups are the best EVER

    • Claudia Vitello

      OH BOY

    • Jenn S.

      I would use them as cool snacks for school for both my kids.

    • Adrienne Gordon

      My sons’ school has asked us to donate snacks for snacktime because there is some concern that some of the lower-income families will not send tehir kids with snack, so I will donate them.

    • Kelly Ann T

      I will use them for my dog event. We are trying to raise money for rescue and these would be great for our raffle baskets.

    • Peter

      Will use these for a snack for my partner who is on a diet and these are healthy and taste great.

    • Margaret Smith

      I would love to get these for my youngest son to give at school for either the class halloween party or for valentines day. This is such a cute idea. Thanks.

    • Kelly L

      We have a baby due early Sept. I would like to get these and have something printed saying that my son is a big brother so he can pass them out to his class. Thanks!

    • Sonya Sparks

      I will give them to my daughter. I would love to have the Happy Birthday one’s. Thanks for the chance.

    • Baxter

      What a fun product!

    • Sarah Urick

      I’ve been eyeing this up for a long time!

    • Mary Mizell

      My Grandson loves fruit roll ups

    • christopher h

      we’d use these for birthdays

    • Tom


    • Brenda Shields

      I would love to use these for Bunco Night at my house. The ladies and I would have a blast with these creative goodies!

    • Dana T

      how great is that, would be a fun party favor, or for a class party!

    • janet lindsey

      i would use my fruit rollup as a snack and for my grandsons.

    • Susan A

      These sound great, I’d give them to my grandkids for their school lunches, you won’t believe it, but my 10 year old grandson has vending machines with candy and chips, he buys them frequently, and he’s 15 pounds overweight. A great alternative to JUNK

    • AmandaK

      I’m planning a birthday party for my sister and her boyfriend (their birth days are close!!), and no matter how old my guests are, any one loves fruit roll ups!!! Plus, it will keep the little kids that will be coming entertained!!

    • Kathryn Bakken

      I would like to use them for party favors. A little something to take home from a bithday, baby show, wedding. A very fun idea.

    • Jessica Applegate

      we are having a halloween party for my son and his friends this year, i’d love to win these and make them a cool halloween theme
      thanks for the giveaway

    • Jennifer Williams

      I would use them to announce the birth of my new baby!

    • Linda Purvis

      My grandson’s fifth birthday is coming up, and he will be starting school for the first time and he absolutely loves fruit roll ups. This would a great win for him.

    • beth shepherd

      Thank you for having this! I would use these for my daughters snack for preschool. We have to take a snack in once a month so this would be perfect. Thank you!

    • Suzie Lockhart

      We would use these to share with my son’s classroom. He will be celebrating his birthday at school and they would be a great snack. Thanks for the contest.

    • Liz G.

      I think they would be cute to giveaway at the end of a wedding– as a good night sweet treat!

    • Staci K

      my kids would love these ~thanks~

    • Elizabeth Westphal

      I would like to send a box to my brother-in-law and his troop in Iraq. This is his second tour and I think that this would be a fun snack and little pick me up for morale. I would make a patriotic roll up saying thank you and come home safe!

    • Denyse

      We’d love these. My daughter’s birthday is in Nov and this would be a great surprise for her!

    • Monique Bradley

      I think that these customized fruit roll-ups would be great to give out as after game snacks to my son’s soccer team. The kids and parent would all love them! Thanks for the chance!

    • Rose

      I would use these as a special treat for my son’s fifth grade class! What a mood enhancher!

    • Angela J

      I would give these to my daughter who runs an after school program for young children.

    • Jacquelyn Cannon

      My daughter loves them for a snack after school.

    • Diana Hogle

      I will be using fruit rollups in a picante for my grandsons birthday. The kids will all get healthy snacks

    • Sharon H

      I would use them to help my daughter introduce herself in her new dorm soon. A tasty housewarming gift is always appreciated!

    • Alicia


    • Susan Smith

      I give these to my daughters class for snacks

    • Linda

      I would use them to put in my kid’s school lunchbags for their noon snacks.

    • r ferrell

      great item! i will use these as party favors to celebrate my friend’s recent graduation from college!

    • susan varney

      my grandson would love them for a snack

    • Jennifer Barnett

      I’d use these for a home football party. What fun to have themed roll-ups!

    • Debbie

      son’s birthday party

    • Ida Mousaw

      I would have to say for my family of seven when they would like a quick snack.Thank you for giving everyone a chance to win a Great Prize!

    • Erin Kauppila

      I would use My Fruit Roll-ups for my 3 year old’s birthday party. We are having a Spongebob Squarepants party and I already planned on using green roll-ups for seaweed!!

    • Vicki Andrew

      I would give them to my daughter to give them to her friends who are going away to school

    • Brooke Allen

      My kids love Fruit Roll Ups. Dd would really enjoy seeing a special design on her rollups at lunchtime. No special occasion, but a nice treat :-)

    • Kirsten

      These would be great for my daughter’s Halloween party!

    • Anna Ladd

      just love those fruit roll ups

    • Terra Heck

      I would use them to give as party favors at my son’s birthday party.

    • Tari Lawson

      I would use them for my son’s birthday snack at school :)

    • Mary

      I’ll use them for a birthday party.

    • Linda Moeller

      Great snacks after school.

    • Ronni Fox

      These are going to be great after school treats..I like to give my grandkids healthy choices and teach them that good foods also taste good.

    • Denise B.

      I would just put our daughter’s name on them as a fun aid to her homeschooling.

    • Charlotte

      I’d use them for my son’s 18th Bday party. His special education class goes bowling weekly, and he usually has his party there at the bowling alley. Thanks for the contest.

    • Courtney S

      I would use this for my son’s class party. I think they would really get a kick out of them!

    • Bianca Bridges

      it’s my sister’s sweet 16 soon (: and since this is so so original, i thought i could give these to give to everyone who is a part of her special day as a token of appreciation.



    • Gail Zambie

      I would use them as party favors for my son’s 10th birthday party in October — they would be a hit.

    • Cathie

      I think these would be great for my granddaughter to give for the school Valentine Party.

    • Casey

      My girlfriend loves fruit roll ups so I’ll use them to send her messages with them.

    • Eliazbeth

      Im not comptely sure my first though was messages for my litttle brother, sister, and feince’s lunch, but I was also thinking thank you notes for people who have helped me out would be cool

    • gayla

      i have a friend that is dying with breast cancer and she has had two parties so far karaoke that sort of thing. she is 67. she is a nurse practitioner something you wouldnt see her doing but her philosophy is have fun and be happy nothing we can change so we should celebrate why we have her here. so something in pink would be great.

    • Melissa

      I would use them as special rewards for my kids and plus they absolutely love fruit roll ups and its a great treat to have around for them and their friends….

    • Tammy

      I would use them for our homeschool co-op.

    • Erica C.

      This would be great as a snack at a birthday party!

    • Rebecca Tardif

      I have extra kids living with me and they would love this

    • Stephanie Bruce

      My sons birthday is coming up and we would use them for their birthdays goody bags

    • sabb266

      I would use these for my grandsons school. It would be great to give this to the teacher so she could treat the kids.

    • M.A.

      Birthday party treats!
      Great present. Great prizes!

    • Lynda Spicer

      My kids always loved fruit roll-ups. It would be great to send my daughter back to school with some!

    • Sue P

      My son will be graduating from high school this year. I think the fruit roll ups with personalization would be great to have at the Prom! Last year the items had the wrong year on them, everyone was so heartbroken! Something like these would be just perfect!!!! They are not expensive either, and would be perfect for Memory Books!!!

    • Sue P

      My daughter has cystic fibrosis and we are always looking for ways to increase awareness of this disease. We had a web site with information about the disease and we sold items such as car magnets, key chains, t-shirts, etc. and were very successful with increasing awareness. Items like these fruit roll ups could be made to help increase awareness of cystic fibrosis if we had them made with our logo, “Help make CF stand for CURE FOUND!” I love this idea and will be checking into ordering them in the near future. Thanks!

    • debra

      my grandaughter would like to have something like this to take for school for holloween since we dont like alot of candy we usually try to share things like this would also make a nice thing for valentines day

    • Danai

      We would use them for my daughter’s snack day at school. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Short

      These would be great to give out for trick or treat with a message like “Study hard in school”. :)


      I would have the fruit rollups in the car waiting for my grandson when i pick him up from kindergarden. he’s having a hard time getting use to school and i have him a “prize” waiting for him when he comes to the car everyday. these are much better than chips or candy and he loves them!

    • lori walker

      house warming party :)

    • sarah

      I’d use it for my roommate’s upcoming birthday party!

    • michaela r

      I would use them for my nephew’s coming up birthday! We’re going to make little treat bags for all of his friends and this would be great to add into the addition of candies!

    • Darcy

      They would be great for the Halloween party we will be having. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Jacob LaFountaine

      late night snack raids for upset stomach

    • Karen Gonyea

      These would be great for my son’s 4th birthday party !!

    • Molly Marchand

      Give out to students in my class.

    • rebecca

      These would be great for my granddaughters birthday.

    • danielle

      This would be so nice to have for the kids during the holidays.

    • amir

      I’d love to get these for my daughters birthday!

    • Patty H

      I would use them for my daughter’s baby shower. My daughter is expecting our first grandchild in December!

    • Carroll Griggs

      My Grandson would get such a kick out of takng these to school for his birthday. He is in First Grade and I’m sure these would make a great treat for everyone.

    • Alicia Webster

      We homeschool our three kids, so I would use the fruit roll-ups as rewards for homework that has been completed, chores that have been done, or being nice to their siblings…
      Alicia Webster

    • Vicky Boackle

      a birthday surprise.

    • Tina Farrell

      i would use these for my duaghters upcoming “21st” birthday bash Oct 11th…proving your always a big kid at heart.

    • Kimberly

      For my daughters b-day school favor. Thanx for the contest.

    • http://yahoo NICHOLAS NIEVES


    • James Jenkins

      a birthday surprise

    • Izzie

      I would leave positive messages for everybody — kinda like a fortune cookie fruit rollup!

    • lise

      my daughter’s birthday is coming up soon and this would be great to include with the party favors.

    • Joanna Smith

      I will use these fruit rollups on a daily basis for my children’s lunch boxes. I have 3 children in school and they all love fruit rollups! I taught my kids to eat healthy and they do! These will be great for packing in their backpacks as part of their lunch and also for snacking on in the afternoon!

    • Jill Myrick

      Both of my children have upcoming birthdays in October and these would be so Perfect for party treats. As all of the children that I know love Fruit Roll-Ups !
      Thank you so very much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
      I would LOVE to win !!

    • Cassie

      We use fruit roll-ups in November when we use them to make “ear of corn cookies” to bring to the family Thanksgiving party! Thanks!



    • Sarah Hirsch

      Halloween goodies

    • Teresa N.

      I would use them at my daughters birthday party! :)

      Thank you for the great giveaway!



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    • AaronBSam

      I would put them in my briefcase for a delightful snack on those nights when I’m stuck working an 11-hour shift!

    • Frank T.

      I would use them for my daughters lunch. Her school does not have enough time for everyone to actually get lunch and she goes without lunch every day. So I would give them to her so she can eat!
      Thank you very much.

    • Craig Johnson

      I will not share these, nor will I give them to any of my family members as a ‘snack’. I will eat these all by myself, thank you very much!! CONUME MASS QUANTITIES Y’ALL!!

    • Olajide Brown

      A birthday gift for my brother!

    • Elizabeth M.

      I would send them to my son for his first care package at college. He loves those things and they’ll help bring a little bit of home to his dorm room.

    • Kathy Scott

      I would use them as a special treat for my son’s soccer team.

    • Sharon Whitehurst

      probably use them as special rewards for the children when they especially deserve them.

    • Jodene Gildea

      We’re having a big party for my daughter’s birthday next month and these would be great for the kids – they would really get a kick out of them.

    • Carol Drury

      they would be wonderful for my grnadsons vbirthday party – they are his favorite!!

    • Gary W.

      Instead of having that late night bowl of Ice Cream, I’d be snackin’ on these!

    • Gianna

      I’d have them customized to celebrate the birth of my twins :)

    • Millicent C.

      I do big parties for my sons so I would so love to give them out as favors! Thank you for the chance to win!

    • hazel hunt

      I will use the Fruit Rollups in my son’s birthday “loot bags”.

    • Dani’

      I would love these for my youngest dd’s Halloween/Birthday party.

    • Sarah Cook

      My brother loves these – my Little One is still too small for them. I would mail them to him periodically. He’s far from home at college and these would make his day!

    • Tiffanie W.

      I would use them in decorating cup cakes. I have a cute recipe that uses cut up fruit roll-ups to make shapes on top. Mmmm….

    • Paula Harmon

      My sister is having a tiny reception and my kids will be the only ones there, so I will get a wedding design and it will be a fun treat at her reception.

    • Erma Hurtt

      i would use my fruit rollup as a snack and for my kids.

    • Erica

      I would use this to surprise my favorite second grader as a cool treat in his lunches!

    • Marion B

      For Halloween to give to our kids and our friends’ kids.

    • Amy Fenner

      I will be hosting a bridal shower for my future sister in law, and I think it would be fun to put little household hints on the rollups for people to read aloud and share (then eat of course ;) )

    • Denise

      My kids would love to share this with their cousins at our Christmas party this season!

    • Chrysa

      Would be great for a fall birthday party.

    • Michelle H

      I would love to personalize messages for my nephew’s lunches. Neat-o! :)

    • Crystal F

      I would use them for a treat for my daughter’s class at Halloween. Thank you!

    • Christy

      Party favors for my son’s third birthday in October. He’s got a bunch of food allergies, but fruit rollups are safe.

    • Jodi I

      great for a slumber party!!!

    • Steve

      My wife the grandmother of the six kids that we watch love fruit rolls ups, She buys these every week at the store for the kids because they are healthy and the kids love them. Sometimes its a challenge for grandpa to get the plastic off but we love them.

    • Stephanie Adkins

      My niece loves Fruit Roll Ups.

    • Tamara Bennington

      Sorry for this duplicate entry but the first has my wrong email address. I would use them in my son’s birthday party goody bags which is on 9/25.

      tamben7996(at) aol DOT COM

    • Annemarie

      I would give them to my boyfriend’s daughter. She would love to have them as a snack after school.

    • Frances Watson

      I would love to win these

    • Stephanie Grant

      I would use my fruit Roll Ups for Christmas stocking stuffer.

    • Nora Scott-Platt

      I would use the fruit rollups as a treat for their lunches at school.

    • kathy pease

      for my sons snack for school

    • Desiree

      Great timing…my grandson’s birthday is the end of October…we would have a great time coming up with the design together ;)

    • http://none Lorrie Grewing

      I would eat them instead of a fruity ice cream. Less calories I believe.

    • Billie Rowell

      Give t hem away as gifts at my boy’s party!

    • Suzie

      I would use them for party favors for my 3 year old’s birthday.

    • Sherry R

      We would use them for my son’s upcoming 1st birthday party!

    • Veronica Garrett

      I would use them for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.

    • Christy Schultz

      My nephew is autistic and goes to a special school. I would donate them to his school for treats.

    • Michelle Rosborough

      For my daughters volleyball team

    • Christina Morio

      My daughter thinks she is a princess and this would be a perfect addition to her princess party. She is turning four next month.
      Thank you
      xoxo The Queen (if she is a princess I get to be something)

    • Susanne Troop

      These would be great for my son’s birthday coming up!

    • Sylvia Porter

      these would be fun for my daughter’s birthday we’re always trying to find something cool!

    • Renee We

      I often treat my daughter’s sports team with FRUIT ROLLUPS.

    • Janet

      My grandkids would love this win!

    • Donna Kozar

      These would be great for my daughter’s birthday party the end of the month.

    • Lily Kwan

      I would use the Fruit Roll Ups for party favors!