Carnival of Positive Thinking

I hope that you are feeling stronger, to help you cope with the loss each Sunday I post articles that I receive about positive thinking

Ari Koinuma presents This Is How Good Life Can Be posted at Ari Koinuma, saying, “Here’s a little post capturing a great evening I enjoyed recently. Reflecting on where I’ve been and where I am now, I can’t help but be grateful for how far I’ve come.”

David B Bohl presents Is Enough Ever Enough? posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “Do you ever find yourself complaining that you need more or want more of something? Time, money, love, space, material possessions, happiness–what’s your “never enough”?”

Nadege presents Create perfect endings with visualization posted at Clearly Envision.

fightingfatigue presents » Guest Blogger Post: Harnessing the Healing Power of the Mind posted at Fighting Fatigue.

Richard Onebamoi presents Your Mind: Key to your Success posted at SELF-IMPROVE-BLOG, saying, “The mind is not just man’s seat of feelings or thoughts. As a success seeker your mind is the key to the achievement of a worthy goal and the experience of growth in any area of your life.”

Neelakantha presents 100 Positive-Thinking Exercises to Incorporate into Your Life posted at RN Central.

ElleAtDefiningSomeday presents It’s Quiet Around Here posted at Defining Someday, saying, “On grief, and the quietness that comes with it.”

Chris Edgar presents Don’t Wait To Do Your “Real Work” posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, “Many of us are stuck in the habit of waiting for permission to do our “real work,” meaning a career in keeping with our strongest desire or true calling. Although we know what sort of work we’d find most fulfilling, we’re nagged by the feeling that we don’t have what it takes to do it yet. In this piece, I discuss ways we can give ourselves a sense of permission to pursue our ideal careers.”

Woman Tribune presents Forever the Other Woman posted at Woman Tribune.

David B Bohl presents 5 Steps To Move From Concern to Content posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “Here are some strategies I’ve discovered over my years of coaching that can help you experience more contentment in all areas of your life.”

AndrewB presents From Lame To Fame – 5 Steps posted at Personal Hack, saying, “Most of us are born with average resources yet a very few of us manage to become great. In this post I give you 5 steps to go from lame to fame ;) Please give it a quick read and leave a comment, thanks.”

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