Dr. Jim Sears Launches “The Doctors” TV Show Today

Pediatrician, attachment parenting expert, and breastfeeding advocate Dr. Jim Sears kicks off a new television show “The Doctors” today on CBS (check local listings for time). A spin-off of the “Dr. Phil” show, “The Doctors” features four physicians: a pediatrician, an OB/GYN, a plastic surgeon, and an ER physician. It’s a one-hour daytime talk show taped in front of a live studio audience five days a week. To see a preview, get more information, submit a question for the doctors, or find out how to be in the audience, visit “The Doctors” website.

Please note: Breastfeeding 1-2-3 has no affiliation with “The Doctors” TV show. Please visit “The Doctors” website to submit a question. You’re welcome to leave a comment here but there is no guarantee the producers will see it!

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    • Jennifer B

      You might be interested in checking out the Birth Activist’s blog about “The Doctors” episode on homebirth.


    • Jennifer B

      Did you get a chance to watch this? I thought the birth segment was awful. Not very balanced at all. Just so much “birth is scary and dangerous” stuff. Jen

    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Jen! I’m glad you posted a comment about it. I didn’t get to see it because I don’t have a television right now. I’m disappointed to hear the birth segment was so bad, especially after I was so happy having a home birth!

    • Jennifer B

      If you visit their website, you can see the trailer for the episode, as well as read some of the comments made by viewers (under the Community tab). A lot of homebirthers are very upset by their treatment of the issue.
      http://www.thedoctorstv.com/main/show_page/13 Also, did you get to check out BirthActivist’s blog on the topic? She had a sample of the questionnaire the Doctor’s were sending to homebirthers. You could see that they were biased from the get-go.
      I did not have a homebirth myself because of several reasons, mainly being that I had placenta previa and was high risk, and I did not think that my family would support it even if I was not high risk. I did however have a wonderful hospital birth with a CNM. But I think that it is wonderful option for many women. It just seems that this show is perpetuating the “turf war” over birth. Jen

    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi Jen,

      I did check out the BirthActivist’s post and the forum discussion — thanks for the heads up. I wish I could give every expecting mother, and obstetrician and pediatrician, a copy of “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.” It is a shame how the medical profession insists on unnecessary and even dangerous interventions in the birth process.

    • Amy Katherine Hall

      Your tv show producers have been trying to get a hold of me, please try 818-761-9136.

      I wanted to have my health question answered.

      Thank you,


    • Maggie Yunker

      Should have heard their reply today on formula feeding. This was my first time watching this show, but I will never watch it again – completely irresponsible. I have already written to them about my disappointment.

      Maggie, ICCE

    • Nick

      Need Help: Can you tell me what I can do to treat Excessive Sweating and BODY ODOR? Have tried products such as NULLO & other Body Odor OTC Meds, but very little help. Have received a very slight relief of the Body Odor from drinking 14 oz of water, daily, with 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil mixed in, but again, only Slight Odor relief, and is Tea Tree Oil taken orally safe? Am a 59 yr. old male and this problem is an overwhelming life problem, both professionally and socially. Please, can you help? I live in Charlotte, NC, but will be moving to Greensboro, NC next week. My primary physician says he knows of nothing that would help. WHO should I see and what are treatments for this overwhelming problem??? Please help !

    • Lisa Parrish

      I love the new show The Doctors. I’ve watched it everyday except twice since it started. I agree with Dr. Sears on hospital birth. So many things can go wrong. I was in labor 36 hours w/o pain medication. (my choice) My son got stuck in the birth canal and every time I pushed his heart-rate would go dangerously low. They did an emergency c-section and saved both our lives. Without the hospital doctors and my alert nurse we both would have died. I lost 2 liters of blood so I was glad that I was able to get the help I needed on the spot. At home I would have bled to death. Thank you goes to the medical staff @ REX hospital, N.C. for saving my son & myself.

    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Lisa, I believe every woman should give birth where she is most comfortable. I do not, however, believe that hospital birth horror stories are such good recommendations for hospital births! Perhaps a midwife who practices out of a clinic or does home birth would have techniques or positions that could help the baby through the birth canal. And if not, midwives are trained to know when to send women to the hospital by ambulance or car. Calling ahead gets women into surgery quickly. Overall statistics say out of hospital births have lower c-section rates and better outcomes for mothers and babies.

    • Bob Bauer

      Hello, love your show.
      regarding your show on black mold & asbestosis.
      I have asbestosis, father died from asbestosis & really concerned that all of my schools which have notices that the buildings contain asbetos. What would you do. Also, I think the woman you featured with breathing problems needs legal counsel & health insurance advise. I believe doctors should have more education & knowledge to help advise thier patients on this issue. I can tell you that my doctors are very concerned & compasionate but were unable to advise me in these areas. I have worked with them every step through my legal fight & now they are more knowedlable. Doctors are responsible to fill out many forms & if they are not done correctly & often, the patients suffer. I would like very much to discuss more & feel a follow up show should be aired.

      Bob Bauer (631-796-2277)
      keep up the good work on your show.

    • Leah Parks

      I’d like very much to view an episode about H
      Pylori. Last year, I had it…now my fiance has it.
      I have pulled up many articles on this ugly stuff.
      Some say it is contagious…some say not. If you will let me know when (hopefully) then I will try to be home to view and listen closely. We both need to know. Our family phys. hasn’t said much about it. Thanks so much in advance…Love your show. Leah

    • http://b4styx@hotmail.com Brian Serewicz

      My wife was wondering on the October 17th 2008 show, at the end of the program you said something that is in your refrige-that makes your hair great. What was it? Thank you.

    • ann coburn

      First of all, I love your show.
      My question is, on oct 16, there was a question about a 13 year old girl that was having problems with her period. My sister’s granddaughter is having the same problem, she has been passing blood clots for 3 weeks and hot flashes and very moody,cramps real bad,she is 16 year old.
      could she be going through menapause at that age.
      thank you.

    • Kelli

      Sweating – body odor, feet…arm pits. I emailed to ask them when people have a problem with body odor to let people know there IS a product that does work. I ordered from Amazon & have never gone back to regular deoderant, it truly does work. My feet used to reek. It’s called
      Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist – Bottle of 8 Oz – 100% Natural Hypo-allergenic & it’s relatively inexpensive. I don’t recommend the stone, or roll-on as the roll on was messy. The “Mist” truly does work better than any deoderant I’ve ever tried. It works by blocking the bacteria that causes the odor from growing.

    • Nick

      RE: Excessive sweating & body odor, etc. I just found my inquiry about these problems had been posted here. Thanks, Killi, for your response. I think I had other responses as well, but may have deleted without realizing they were answers to my excessive sweating and body odor. If you posted a response, PLEASE re-post so I won’t miss them again. Really appreciate your advice and HELP ! Many Thanks….Nick

    • Nick

      I got home yesterday just in time to miss the Black Tea Foot Soak segment. Can anyone tell me the preparation and soaking process? Thanks ! Nick

    • Steven LaVenture

      I missed thursday show could I find out about the new hearing aid device

    • Nick

      I also missed the details on the Hearing Device today and will someone post the name of the product and any other info you may have? My hearing has recently reached a level of only about 75%, and this device seems simple & amazing…….

    • Jennifer B

      How did a breastfeeding support blog turn into a forum for “The Doctors”? You all do realize that this is NOT a website for the show and no one from the show will answer your questions? This blog is about breastfeeding, birth practices and childrearing, so if your comments are about these topics, comment away! If not, please go to The Doctors’ own website at http://www.thedoctorstv.com/main/show_page/13 and comment there. Thank you!

    • http://thedoctorstvshow s. watts

      I want to know more about hearing device on the show on October 23

    • Bonnie M

      I, too, would like more information on the hearing aid and crystals in the ear from the October 23, 2008 show.

    • Ione Talmo

      Need information regarding hearing aids seen
      on your show recently. Please send to my e-mail
      talmoestero5@aol.com if you have name of phone
      number to call for this hearing aid.

      Ione Talmo

    • mais

      hello doctors,i like your tv show,i want to tell you about my problem,im 21,female,in winter my face become red and hurts me,i dont know why,and becomes very hot even weather is cold and other parts of my body are cold.i need you help please,

    • T. Shallow

      I would like more info on the hearing device from the show 10-23-08.
      Thank you

    • Linda Danover

      Doctor Sears. On your show today you were stuffing a gel into your top pocket. Please, tell me the name of this gel & where to buy it? Also the vibrator for women?


    • Mary Lou Bowen

      I have cysts all over my body just under the skin. I have been told they are called “Fatty cysts”. They asre now itching and sometimes sore. They vary in size. I have quit going to the doctors because I get the same line. Leave them alone andyou will be fine. My arms and legs look horrible and I also have cysts in the breast. I have in the past had then asperated, I have cut out caffiene. I dislike my body and do not want anyone to see me without being fully clothed this includes my husband. Is there anything you can tell me to do or help me get rid of these ugly lumps, so that I can live again. My last Gyn visit was 2 yrs ago. I really need you help……………Mary Lou

    • Lori Flood

      I love this show they have topics about things I think of, but never ask. All four of the Doctors on this show are very knowledgable and I like that.

    • Patricia A Pinta

      This is crazy.I have pain below my butt in the upper thigh. Is this caused from a bad disc that I have? I see a chiropractic doctor. It’s in both legs now. Help!

    • Robert Reed


      Hello Doctors,

      I heard on your program (a few days ago) this week about re-growing specific human

      an organ (veins, hart, and other parts) by using pigs enthralls.

      I also, saw another program related to the same subject and they showed the process of

      how they scraped away all the fatty tissues molded it as a vein. They also showed a live

      beating hart.

      I’m interested in this process because I have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary


      The Veteran Administration Medical Center plans to give me a new lung possibility

      the mid 2009.

      Please send me any data on this procedure.

      Thank you,

      Robert L. Reed, Jr.

    • http://wwwthedoctorstv.com Rachel Baxter

      Dear Sir, Watched your show 11-25-08 and my heart was overwhelmed by the generosity of the staff! I’ve sffered from depression since 1983 in which I over dosed on medication! Each year is a constant battle for me. I also had all my teeth removed around the age of 24 and in the late 80′s i was told by the dentist I had no ridge too hold dentures in! He sent me to Birmgham Ala. and a staff of specilists was shocked at my age how my gums were! They took bone marrow out of my hip and put it in the ridge and I had to wait 6 weeks and go to surgeon in Dothan Al. He put 2 posts in my ridge, bottom gum. Then 6 weeks later I went back and he didn’t have them in crrect position so he had to do surgery again by putting too more posts in! This lasts for awhile and for the past 10 years my bottom denter does’nt stay in proper!Ive battleed with weight all my adult years one diet after another so I feel so ugly when I go out in public! I cry a lot on all ds of medications and my husband feels I dont try hard enough!My hair in front is falling out and that so dicouraging.I had to have both my knees replaced last 11-19-08 and the day I got out of the hospitel my sister diied it was so hard for me ! I have never had dental insurance so I can’t afford going to specialist.s for my mouth. I had to quit my job of driving a school bus my nerves is so bad!I’ve been battling Fibromagla for about 10 years , I try so hard to be more positive and I have so much trouble sleeping at night and my strenght just’s isn’t there sometime. My 38 year old son is HIV positive since 1995 my hert just hurt’s from that!I just want to close myself from the world when it comes to going to doctor’s because of the doctor’s! Can’t keep my bottom denter in for quite awhile now.I just take one day at a time ‘I just turn 61 and feel so unattractive! But theres so many humans who have life harder , I’ve been a caregiver to so many older people and now they pasts on! I still try to help anyone if I can. I wish I had the battles I feel so bad about uncontrol but every thing in our world the state it’s in is scary to me.my teeth and the weight battle also hair thinning is so hard for me! My 38 year old son may need me any time so each day I try to fine the strength to make it! Sinceerely , Rachel Baxter 850-569-5708

    • http://asaleste@gmail.com Becca

      When i pit my finger down my spine when i get to my shoulders there is a bump, but its my bone. The bone is also on the side of where my spine stars i think that weird! Im really consurned because my mom has skooliosous and i am wondering if i can also have it!Thank you

    • http://redheadncj@bellsouth.net Nanci Jenney

      i would like the name of a drink for health that was on the doctors show dec 2 08 it started with a R interested in it and where to buy it they didn’t have it on long enough for me to write the name down

    • http://volumesalonandspa.com Jessica Wright

      Malasma – big problem! In your opinion, how can this be treated?

    • Janet Henderson

      In March 2000, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction and chemotherapy. I have saline implants that became hard and at times uncomfortable and ugly. I am 51 years old. Intimacy is not an issue. But I don’t like the way they look or feel. What happened and can it be fixed without major surgery?

    • Nelda

      on one show it was mentioned that sleeping with your dog can be unwise. Can cause what sickness?

    • http://www.TheDoctorsTv.com adrienne tynes

      my ex-husband a medical doctor who also ran for mayor drugged and raped our children and me. I still have lots of health problems sence he did this to me. I s there a way that you can help me to get my health better.

    • http://seraphimom@hotmail.com joanne


      I have recently started watching ‘the doctors’.
      I love it and feel it is very informative.
      Today 12.26.08, I watched the segment about the young boy who is addicted to video games. I must be bluntly honest here, as a mother of 2 boys and ask a question. Why is no one dealing with the real problem. Problem, I’m sorry to say, is [...] the mother, whom I sure loves her son, is not parenting well. How about just taking disconnecting the video game. How about trying ‘working for’ 1 hour a day playing. Who is the parent, who is in charge. Is the young boy doing homework, chores, etc. Again, doing responsibilities BEFORE games. Limiting the amount of time spent playing games. Setting rules. Why was none of that addressed. The alternative was the WII games, which gets the boy to be more active, yes, that was good. But again, addressing the real problem, his addiction to these games. I am not saying I have all the ‘parenting’ answers. I did have the same problem with one son many years ago, and tried numerous things, till finally, when he wasn’t home, I just took the game he was addicted to and hid it. Well he went thru a certain withdrawal, but got over it. Sometimes as loving parents we have to incorporate an ‘extreme.’ I guess I just felt that even though the WII was an improvement in getting the boy up and moving, those involved still were not dealing with the real problem.

    • P. Beach

      Where can I buy the wii running game that two can use at the same time that was given to the teen with the weight problem?

    • http://purity52@comcast.net susi brown

      congradulations on a excellant new program ilove hoew informative and refreshing it is and i also love that blonde young hunky docter on there he is gorgeous and you made great choice when you put show and hunk all together …. thanks susi 708 698 7676

    • Marion Nygren

      I have been having pains in my stomach for the last 2 months, I have had x-rays nothing I have had ultrasound nothing. I have a good appetite and no problem with my stool, no blood normal. I am going to have a colonoscope in March but no one seems to know why I am having this pain. It feels good after I have a bowel movement or pass gas the pain seems to be all around my belly button. Do you have any suggestions.. Love your show watch it every day
      God Bless Marion Nygren

    • laura

      pls tell me the name of the wii game that you showed that had the dr and the boy running in place? thanks

    • Tato

      I miss the show on January 13, 2008 can you tell me how I can get to view this or maybe just the information from the show

    • Pauline

      Hi Doctor I amgoing through and Hormone inbalance Icannot sleep night time very weak no energy Just thanking something is really wrong.My blood pressure went up with the change is this possible

    • shahla

      Dear doctors
      Good time
      I am a practical occupational therapist who works in faculty of Rehablitation Sciences My name is Shala Rafiee.I would like to introduce you Zahra who is 15 years old with Nerofibromatosis diagnsis,There is skar in her face Iranian doctors belived that there is no soulation for her.Would you please give me some advise,If you need more information please dont hesittae
      Iran Uneversity of Medical Science

    • shirley pinkerton

      Dear doctors. I love your show. I have a question about the medication neutrontin. My Dr. has prescibed it for me. I have burning in my upper back and arms. My Dr. said I have neuropathy. She took an Xray of my neck only. Is this medication safe? thank you for your trouble. I am a young 80 year old. Shirley Pinkerton

    • Elise

      Hello I love your show and i was wondering about stroks, I have had 3 of them and NO one can tell me What is wrong I have been MRI, EEG, and Head CAT Scan, and I feal like i am getting NO where No one can answer me No one can tell Me what is causing them? I feal i am a test subject and i am getting HEAD acks ALOT and now my kids are getting the so bad that they get sick and can’t see straight.
      What can i do or where can i go?
      I am only 36 but dam i feal out.

    • Elise

      ooops old

    • Elaine

      HI, I am 69 and have a wringled neck. My face is not too bad. Is there anything I can do beside plastioc surgery?

    • nancy

      Hi I have a few questions about accutane. I have had acne all my life. Does accutane really cure acne forever? what are the side effects? Can you be in the sun while taking it? please help. Thanks

    • najwa

      hi thank you for your show its amazing how you doctors can do alots to help people whereever they are i just wondering if you can helpe me my son is five years old and he has problem coodrante between eye and hand and he has problem with fine motor skills and gross motor i just want to knew why is that thank you

    • mai

      i have some questions that need ur help, i have very flat breasts coz i have been nursing 4 a year now although i used to have good ones, i cant afford plastic surgery but i need ur help 4 improvement.
      also i need some recipies of low calorie delicious snacks coz i like them sooooooooo much but i always fear obesity, plz try to contact me by mail n i will b really thankfull



    • monica goffard

      Hi. I am having alot of pain right where my belly button is. can you tell me what it might be. Thank you. I love the show.

    • Angel

      Dear Doctors, i constantly get yeast infections! wat do i do to get rid of them?

    • Jane

      I received an e-mail saying that a little girl had a heart attack and died after taking Motrin and Robitussin at the same time. I was just wondering if this is true. I have a 2-year old grandson and wouldn’t want to give him anything that would hurt him.

      El Dorado, Arkansas

    • donnanbarnes

      What could cause deteriation of the corpus callosum

    • http://above marni donnellan

      Can you tell me how to make contact with gov. agencies who will make discoveries @ Radon and Mold in one’s basement.

      Thank you for an informative show.


    • http://above marni donnellan

      Free agencies who offer services for Radon and mold discoveries in the home.



    • Dear Doctors

      i have a son of 2 and 10 months old, he hav severe jaundice with a cerebral palsy at brith and he can eat with his mouth or to carry his neck. He has been feeding with a Tube for years now and not adding waitt, please doctors tell me what to do? i need your answer. thanks from nigeria

    • Debbie King

      Hi doctors, my question is, I have been trying to get pregnant for a year and I have had lots of tests and nobody can find anything wrong with me I am 32 and I feel hopeless, there has to be something wrong, but its getting hard to always here the same thing, NOTHING IS WRONG, what can I do to get an answer. Please help.

      Thank you
      Debbie King

    • http://dix68@goNDTC.com Glenda

      I had several episodes for about 2 yrs. now and on 3/23 of this year I felt one coming on and this time I passed out and hit the counter with the back of my head. I was taken to the er room where all the xray showed was a big bump on my head so they told me to go to a neuroligist. So I went to see one, has an MRI, an EKG and an EEG done. Th eeg showed that I had at one time had a seizure on the left side of my brain. The dr. gave me Levetiracetam 500 mg to prevent any more seizures. Can’t anything be done about these and what causes them?

    • Barbara Helfenbein

      Hi- I’m trying to locate where to purchase an childs night light you previewed on one of your shows the end of Sept. 2009 this year. It showed when to sleep and when to wake up–The difference of night time and daylight, I would love to get for my grandchildren. Please advise. I’ll await your reply. thanks for your time in this matter.

    • Debi McCoppen

      October 28, 2009
      I have those upper flabby granny arms that are very embarrassing. It even goes all the way down my whole arm. I rarely wear short sleeves and never sleeveless tops. I am only 54 years old and I’m not too much over weight. I’d like to get that arm surgery but I can’t pay for it. HELP !!!!
      Thank-you very much !!!, Debi

    • chris Saroli

      I am 63 years young I have been eating Cheez its and Chetoes for a long time’ Know it acts like a laxtive I cant control my bowell movements and my shorts are orange. When I stop eating it takes 3-4 days before this stops when I start eating them again I notice it again my next bowell movment Is it because of my age. or did I discover a new laxitive?

    • chris Saroli

      I think I sent this to the wrong Dr, Can you help me out. Hey Janet HELP

    • wilma robinson

      Our 12 yr old grandson seems to crave salt. Grandad thinks he’s too lethargic {he calls it lazy] because he doesn’t run down basketball court as fast. Parents are little concerned. Need to be checked? Maybe a good physical? Thanks

    • http://Google David Jackson

      Number one I think you have the best show ever. You really help people out. I’m also seeing if I could get the brush for hair loss. Thank you very much and God bless the whole staff. David Jackson



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    • http://dix68@goNDTC.com Glenda

      When I would have these episodes it felt like everything was closing in on me, they only happen at work and when I’m standing still. Can you explain this to me? Also the medication is causing me to become dizzy. At first I took 1 in the morning for 3 days, then for 3 days I took one in the morning and one at night. Now I am up to 2 in the morning and 2 at bedtime. I am on
      medical leave until the first of May which by then I will be over the dizzy effect that these pills give me. This is a continuation of the first question.