• Thu, Sep 11 2008


 angry asian creations

So, Kristin from Dine and Dish is matching up veteran bloggers with newbie bloggers to sort of help them get their whisks wet, so to speak.  She calls it the Adopt a Blogger program..LOL! I said I would, even though I really wonder If I shouldn’t be included in the newbies, but there ya go and here I am.

My blogger for the next three months is Angry Asian Creations.  Just scrolling through her posts I have come across some great looking dishes and some ideas for fiber projects for when I start knitting/crocheting/spinning again..hopefully soon.

I was amazed at how beautiful her images are.  Most bloggers (me) take awhile to get those types of closeups and some (me) only get that good when they get lucky.

So..recipes, crochet, homemade soap….take a look at her blog and say “hi”.

I am sure I will be trying some of her ideas and recipes…

Thanks Kristin!

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  • http://www.dineanddish.net Kristen

    You are quick, girl :) Hope you two enjoy getting to know each other!

  • http://www.angryasiancreations.com Lan

    thank you for this write up! i am very excited about this event. :)

  • Marye

    Hey, Kristin, I have to be quick…I have 64 hours worth of stuff to do everyday!
    Lan, Me too! I look forward to getting to know you.

  • http://www.thefriendlykitchen.com Rachel MacIntyre

    Thanks so much for posting this! As a newbie food blogger, this should be so much fun:)