Chocolate Treats From Around the Web


I’ve been spending a bit of time at link sites and have found a lot of great blogs! Check out these entries and blogs below for some truly drool-worthy chocolate concoctions. Most of them contain recipes, too – there goes my weekend!

~ Figs Stuffed with Chocolate Hazelnut Cream from Artsy-Foodie

~ Plum Crazy Chocolate Cheesecake from Inn Cuisine

~ Quintuple Chocolate Brownies from Whisk

~ Chocolate Brownie Squares from FatFreeBrainwaves

~ Espresso Brownies from Once Upon A Plate

~ Milk and Dark Chocolate Brownies at La Fuji Mama

~ Coconut Swirl Brownies at Taste and Tell

~ Black Bottom Cupcakes at Our Kitchen Sink

[image: flickr]

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    • Jena

      I don’t think you can go wrong with chocolate posts! :) Yesterday I made this turtle cake for my husband’s birthday: And I made my own caramel sauce using this: Rave reviews all around.

    • Fuji Mama

      Thanks for the link! Mmmm…looks like a yummy list!

    • Heather

      Jena, that looks delicious! Thank you for sharing the links. I’m in a baking mood today so I may have to see if I’ve got the stuff on hand to make one too!

      Fuji Mama, you’re very welcome! Love your blog!

    • Chocolate Mint

      All these recipes look so amazing. I am planning to try out the chocolate cheesecake this week. I am so very excited.


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