• Sat, Sep 13 2008

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 windy day

I am cutting this short today.  Here in Dallas, believe it or not, we are in the midst of a HURRICANE watch!  The sky is darkening ominously even as I type.

We have spent the morning moving the bucks (male goats) to a more protected place.  Their pen is covered by large pecan and black walnut trees which is nice for them in the summer but when we are expecting sustained 60 and 70 mph winds with higher gusts…well..I want them away from those trees!  Our goats a a small breed, about the size of a golden retriever, so the boys live in big Igloo dog houses. The houses are easy to move when we need to, like today!


The girls, of course, get special treatment since we milk them and they have a nice barn.

Anyway, Huck is building a sail for his bike because he wants to see how wind power will affect the speed that he can go.  :::see my eyes roll:::: he is all ready looking forward to fishing after the hurricane abates…

The house is surrounded by old pecan trees so I just told God that if it was time for us to move that the trees would go ahead and come down… I will let you know if I finally get to move to that farm in Maine or not! :)

So, grab a cup of tea with me, while it is dim and cozy here in the house.  Listen to the wind shake the trees, and the rain begin to splatter on the window..a very comforting sound I think…and browse these amazing finds!

Kitchen Sink Bundt Cake.  Pretzels, ganache, caramel, chocolate chips,peanut butter chips, oreos, salted peanuts…and more…oh my!

Peabody is amazing as always.  This time she has a pumpkin spice bread with maple cheesecake layer.

Cathy has an amazing sounding Reuben Sandwich Dip. I sat there gazing at it for ten minutes thinking..pretzels, crackers, bagel chips….fingers…

Lan, my adoptee, has created a lemon, lavender, and honey breakfast cake.  You all know how I feel about those ingredients, right? Yep…and the image is gorgeous.  Very bed and breakfast.

boobie bake off

Please do not forget about the Booby Bake Off!

Perfect name for a blog, Chocolate and Chipotle…. :D Anyway check out these Triple Berry Lemon Muffins…mmmmm….

Jerry’s family can come visit any time if he will promise to bring this bacon and brisket sandwich.  Sigh.

I love pretty cakes…and Jacque at Daisy Lane Cakes made a VERY pretty one.

HAve you tried the chocolate transfer sheets? I haven’t but I think that Megan has convinced me.

My Kitchen Snippets has the most amazing caramelized onion and tomato foccacia ….you can smell it through the computer screen!

So..that’s it for this week… blessings to you and I will see you on monday !

images:Marye Audet

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  • http://lightmotionandmagic.com Anne Florenzano

    I hope Hurricane Ike leaves you with NO damage.

  • http://noblepig.com/ noble pig

    Thanks for the linky, hope all remains well at your place.

  • http://www.mykitchensnippets.com Gertrude

    Thanks your so much for the link. Hope everything is well and you are not affected by the hurricane.

  • http://www.cookingbytheseatofmypants.com Jerry

    Man! I was just outside Dallas Yesterday. Had I known you were in the area I’d have suggested we meet up at GrapeFest in Grapevine.

    Glad you like the looks of the sandwich. It’s good. Very Good.

    Here’s hoping Ike does little or no damage to you, yours or the goats. We’re expecting backlash form it later this evening as it rolls north. Even here in Texoma (Sheppard AFB) we’re going to feel it.

  • http://www.angryasiancreations.com Lan

    thanks for the shout again!

    i hope you are warm and dry and SAFE!

  • Marye

    thanks everyone!
    It is not too bad, The hurricane has been downgraded to a tropial storm..we have had light rain and some gusty winds but nothing bad…cozied up this afternoon and watched Mr. Magorium’s Magic Emporium (love that movie)..zI tis perfectly still now..so we will see if it is done or more is on it’s way.
    Hey Jerry, I know that area well! Great fishing!

  • http://www.half-bakedbaker.blogspot.com Paula Hennig

    Glad to see that the hurricane has been downgraded! stay safe:)

  • Marye

    thanks for stopping by Paula! Yep we have had worse thunderstorms!

  • http://ayearatoakcottage.blogspot.com/ Marie

    Great sounding goodies to check out here this morning Marye. I do hope you are ok with the hurricane and that you don’t have any flooding or anything! Saying some prayers for you to that end!

  • Marye

    thank you Marie! We are fine!

  • http://lattesandlife.blogspot.com/ Tiffany

    We’re surrounded by lovely old oak trees, and Wayne says the same thing with every approaching hurricane :-)

    Glad to read ya’ll are okay. I was thinking about ya and praying for ya.

  • Marye


  • http://www.juliefletcher.blogspot.com Julie F

    Saw that Dallas was hit hard. Worried about you.

  • Marye

    thanks Julie..it wasnt too bad really