• Mon, Sep 29 2008

Anti-Theft Lunch Bag

Have a tasty treat you don’t want anyone to "accidentally" eat when at the office or school? Try the anti-theft lunch bag! The "moldy bag" is a simple Ziploc sandwich bag with green splotches printed on both sides. You could even make them yourself!

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  • Lucy

    I’m so OCD about “bad” food that I’m afraid I might throw this out if I came accross it.
    When I worked at an office where lunches seemed to disappear I used a “HELLO KITTY” lunch box (an old one of my daughters).
    My husband fit a padlock holder on it.
    Everyone made fun of me but I never had my lunch stolen.

  • Cyndi

    LOL!! If Hello Kitty works, then that’s great!

    Back in my college days, there was someone on the hall who was taking food regularly. A couple of girls decided to teach them a lesson and made a batch of ex-lax brownies. Enough said…