She Must Be Stopped!

Stop Jenny!

Jenny McCarthy and her campaign (if you can call her new McCarthyism that) of vaccine and public health misinformation.

More details here—–Jenny, we hardly knew ye, indeed.

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    • Casdok

      One of my poems has been included in the parent testimonials of the Stop Jenny site.

    • Regan

      …but how do we recover from Jenny McCarthy?
      Discover magazine
      Blogs/Bad Astronomy

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    • casdok=a pos

      This said by Casdok who has a child who is institutionalized and so severe he is pretty much locked up all day. This woman has never given him ABA apparently and is a POS mother. Shut the F up Casdok. You are a complete zero.

    • vaccinesaregood

      Anyone who so viciously attacks someone with a differing opinion, one with many decades of validation is the POS. Your nasty tone and attitude says more about YOU than it does about anything else. She’s not a bad mother, you are. By not vaccinating your child you put defenseless infants and toddlers at risk of death. How may kids has your child sickened or killed because you are irresponsible. You need a large bioharzard tag for your children, so others have a chance at least to avoid your disease carrying bio sludge you call children. Jenny’s stupid and can’t accept she threw a broken child, just like you, defective – and now sick and carrying sickness where ever they go. You’re a bad parent and a foul excuse for a human being.