Featured Mom blog: Stop, Drop, and Blog

I met FireMom of Stop, Drop, and Blog online back when she was pregnant with her first baby and I was pregnant with my second. We were both part of a November baby community. I couldn’t tell you what anyone else in that group is up to now, but something about FireMom lured me over to her blog and I’ve been reading there for almost three years now.

FireMom is married to FireDad and she offers up a great mish-mash of cute kid stories, even cuter kid stories, fire safety/prevention tips, and a huge amount of good reading. Be careful when you click the link. Once you’re there you just might find yourself so sucked in by her fantastic writing that you’ll be perusing the archives for hours. Enjoy!

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    • http://stopdropandblog.com FireMom

      Aren’t you just what I needed today? We’re having a rough day with the grumpies (myself included). So, thank you for the nod. Makes the day feel a bit better!