Man Swinging Baby by Arms

We are always warned NEVER to pick a baby up by his/her hands, the same thing applies to swinging a baby. The video below is a man swinging his baby to music, as he says it is Aero Gymnastics with his 9-month-old boy. As of right now there has been no news who this man and child is, hopefully they can find out and make sure that poor child is okay. The baby is laughing and waving at the end, but I want everyone to know this is NEVER something one should do with their infant.

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    • Renee

      This is true torture. This baby thinks it is fun because he is a child but a mature man should know this could cause life long injuries, such as a broken neck, dislocated joints, brain injuries, or flung into an object and killed. May God judge you soon. Where is the mother????

    • Thomas Morgan

      This video made me sick!!! What parent in thier right mind would risk possibly hurting there baby? I think that this guy should be behind bars on child endangerment charges. Where is the mother during this video? All I can say about this guy is what a f_cking idiot!!!!!

    • joey

      This man should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • carol ann

      Where did this take place? Has anyone reported this to child protective services? Who is filming this and are they just as clueless as dad?

    • http://google rhonda

      Me as a nurse, you really don’t understand and apparently don’t know what you counld do to this baby, break his neck, cause brain trauma, jerk his shoulder out of socket or even accidently drop him, you need be to fine for child abuse.

    • nastacia

      this is sick i ant even believe he could post this…poor baby anything could of happened omg plus they where way too close to the tv. and swingin this baby that long that vigirously….im pray that he can get wat he deserves…and that the baby is ok!

    • jennifer bowen

      thats not right at all to do to a child and well i can tell you thats 100% uncalled for and that man should be put in jail thats as bad as shakeing baby any kind of play like that is realy uncalled for.

    • Duba

      What a freaking lunatic! Is this real? With all that vigorous swinging, the baby should have been limp and practically lifeless. I am questioning if the video is real. I can’t believe it is according to the baby’s end reaction: smiling like a chesire cat. That couldn’t have been fun.

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    • Carlo

      I’m more than angry i’m furious, to the point it drives me to tears. The point that really gets to me is you can see the child reaching out to his father in fear. The child is trying to grab his shirt. I want to do more than vent, I hope and pray that this man get’s what he deserves. Words can not explain the anger i have towards this man. I am a single father and this just kills my heart. I become sick when watching this video. I would not hesitate if i had the chance to hurt this man. and i would not hold someone accountable if they did harm him. This is disgusting.

    • http://ManSwingingBabyByArms LIZ

      Is this guy out of his mind . Wouldn’t this be just the same as Shaking Baby Syndrome. That has to got to something to the Brain. What an asshole,

    • Tammy

      FIND this man!! This makes me sick! Poor baby! There are so many things that can happen. He has no reguard to this baby’s feelings. Someone needs to twist him around like that for a while. Find that poor baby! Find that stupid man!!!

    • Outraged by idiot

      This guy is an idiot!!! What the hell was he thinking? I would like to be the one to wipe that smile off his face. This is not funny at all!!!! Will it be funny when this child had permanent brain damage, broken bones and is scarred for the rest of his life?

      This is not entertainment and actually made me sick when I watched it.

    • http://MySpace Cheryl

      This video was brought to my attention through my 19 year old daughter in which is a mother of a 13 month old son. She said someone had sent it to her on my space and she could not even watch the whole three minutes of it because it made her sick to her stomach. She had called me into the computer room to see this video and I could not believe what I was seeing. I was so upset with this that I sent it to Oprah for her viewing and hopefully she could find out whom this man was that was doing this to this little baby. I don’t understand how someone could be so ignorant.

    • Katrina

      The mom’s probably filming it. iF so, they’re both sick.

    • ???

      whats the big deal I do this to my kids all the time They love it!!

    • Jake

      This is sickening I hope this man burns in hell this fidio is so disgusting its on national TV yeah thats right turn it to the news idiot! I hpe this man burns in hell. you dont even realise what hes done to this poor child! I I will never hesitate to hurt this man.

    • Lindsey

      - ???

      what do you mean this isn’t a big deal…? have you watched the entire video? if so..your just as fucked up. it’s one thing to swing your baby around to make him laugh for a split secound.. but to continuously do it for as long as this man has.. by his ARMS is disturbing. do you not see how much this baby’s head falls back and fourth? the baby is not even A YEAR old. meaning his brain is being rattled to a extreme.

      i hope ur child turns out right.. you are both sick and twisted

    • Staci

      Have you ever heard of nurse maid elbow…babies joints are not even joined together until they are about four…there are ligaments holding them in place…if they get nurse maid elbow this is a very painful thing for them to go thru….YOU SHOULD NEVER PICK A CHILD UP BY THEIR HANDS! This video made me sick and I hope that these people are found and something is done…this is NEVER OK!

    • Wanda

      How in the world could a man do that to his child. This video needs to be sent to the police wherever this guy lives.And them take the baby away from him.This is ABUSE dang it. How would he like it if someone grabbed him by his balls and swung his butt around..Dang I can’t believe this

    • Outraged In Calif

      I recieved this link today about this poor Baby…and yes I agree that this baby thinks its fun but the damage thats being done to this child is horrifying . I think this man should be reported tot he authorite=ies as soon as possible and areested for child endangerment ….this is not even funny its horrifying to me and to all I know that have seen it. If u think this si being a parent you need alot f help

    • kewlbreeze

      i would like to walk in on something like this goin on . maybe it was fun for that baby but whats it gonna b next and im not given u no ideals,this is complete incompetance of a parent.All i see is child abuse,Child neglect,and 2 ppl that need to have their kids took away from them.there is no need for this muchless filming it. I hope u r arrested for the abuse of a child and i wish i knew who u were i would b at ya door and throw ya asses around like u did that baby,you two r complete IDIOTS

    • sorpio

      this is sick an not even slightly funny u need help an your baws cut off so u cant have anymore children an the kids u have got should be taken from you for there own safety !!!!

    • ???

      This is Terrible and the man should be reported…..Never in ur life do u do that wiv a baby or any child just think wat could eh happened I so canny belivee i thought it was tht bad i could no even watch it i had a switch it off

    • http://asdfasdf asdf

      that dude should be shot

    • Elizabeth

      I think the man doin this whether real or fake outta be swung by his arms and see if he likes it!That poor baby will end up with head trauma and it will probably have bad sockets all over his body!!! Maybe that man out to realize he is an idiot not just for that but for even putting it on line!

    • BW

      It’s messed up to even have this idea. It looks photoshopped. Some parts are played over and over again and you can catch the glitches in the video. Where he throws the baby in the air by both hands around 1:49 doesn’t look right. Maybe it’s the quality in film but I doubt it.

    • Cheryl

      Find this man fast. This is horrific

    • Cherell

      dude…. i swear this is one of the most horrific things i have ever seen. i hope someone bigger and smarter than you grabs u up and slings you all over the place….and hopefully kills you because u are one person who should not be trusted with a child. u are truely sick and sadistic and i hope someone does somethin to u equally as bad or worse than this

    • Jen Shaw

      what a jackass! he needs to be apprehended immediately!
      poor baby is in the hands of a killer!!!!
      he needs to be turned in to welfare if we could find the a….hole!

    • Patrick

      May he rot in hell!

    • Jackie

      I had a hard time watching this after a few seconds, I can’t believe someone would do that. And to think – my mother-in-law thinks that I am crazy for tossing my baby in the air for a few seconds.

    • Teresa

      Wow, I have seen some real morons in my time but this guy wins the big trophy. What an idiot. He should be put away before he kills someone just out of pure ignorance. Poor baby, what a misfortune to have been born to such a freak.

    • The Captain

      I have old videos of my dad throwing me high in the air and catching me, should he go to jail too? You people need to get a grip, maybe have your own baby and worry about not swinging it around by it’s arms. That’s his baby and for anyone who isn’t a sensitive little person that can watch it until the end would clearly see that this baby is not getting hurt. Busy bodies.

    • Jyle

      Holly crap I was scared watching that video! That baby could have dislocated his arm at any moment. If something were to happen he could have been charged with child endangerment.

    • L. Newhook

      To ???
      I really hope this video makes you think twice before you do this to you children. If not go spend a day with a child that has been shaken. They lays in a bed all day and not your regular bed a hospital bed usually with high rails so that if they have a seizure they don’t fall out. You tube feed them, change their diapers, wipe slivia off their chins, and worst of all they look at you and have no idea who you are. If you want to take care of you 30 year old child like that keep swing and tossing them.

      This is just horrible. I only made it through 28 seconds of the video and was sick to my stomach. I’m not a parent, but I am a CNA and also have my Early Childhood Education degree and have studied childern in them courses. I also grew up having a close family friend that adopted children who have been shaken and taken from their parents. Childrens brains ARE NOT yet full grown to size and rattle around in their skulls at that age. I have a hard time when I see a person tossing their child up in the air or spinning them not saying something. Ever person who has a child should have to go through and see the development of a child and make them think twice.

    • jamie

      This F*cking guy should be done the exact same way. Then he should be put in prison for a very long time with a cell mate that is a father, so he will get what he deserves. And hopefully no child has to go through what this poor child has gone through.

    • Debbie R in NY

      OMG this is discusting. this man should loose custody of this child. I feel the authorities should be contact and need to remove this child from the home. Children arenot “TOYS” as this man seems to think. I am a Grandmother of 4 young children and a Mother of three grown men. I never would allow anyone to do this to my child, WHERE IS THE MOTHER this man needs to have this dont to him. This child already has brain damage since he believes this is fun…….. ALBANY NEW YORK MOTHER…

    • Matt

      “The Captain”- you are a jackass. So just because this child doesn’t belong to any of us, we shouldn’t care? That’s some really good logic you’ve got there.

    • baby thrower

      i want to know what song is playing. it makes me want to swing around myself!!!

    • Ray

      Wow, What an out cry on this video. How many of you smoke around your children? Drink and drive with your children? I do see that he did some things that I would have not done. Many children are put at risk playing sports. How many are put at high risk riding in school buses without seatbelts. Now looking at this the man should tell us how he prepared his child for this activity. Now would we be just in putting this dad in Jail. Another child growing up without a father. We are not given any promises that we will live past our last breath. I strongly ask you not to try this with your own children as without skills and knowledge and ability you would find yourself in the emergency room.

    • ITS FAKE

      The video is a fake, well at least it has been edited.. Look at the TV in the background, you can easily see that the video has been through extensive editing…

    • billy

      come on people lighten up it’s only a child, it’s not like he’s swinging a puppy!

    • Ilovezbabyswinging

      I know exactly where the mother is, She’s taping it, duh.

    • babyswingingFTW

      I LOL’ed

    • cantbelieveit

      WTF!!! This is abuse! What kind of a monster thinks this is “fun” for a baby? I can only hope these sick people are found, picked up by a crane or something of the nature and thrown around. Let’s get a video of that, that would be “fun”. IDIOTS. I want to cry for that baby.

    • Bobby

      i am going to call shenanigans on this video…

    • sandykay66

      Listen to the song. Its Kung Foo Fighting in a different language then English. Maybe this could be a way to find the fool that is torturing this poor baby. He might think its fun but that is how SBS happens and he could kill this poor baby.

    • terry

      I watched the video and it made me sick. The mother is right there you can hear her faintly talking in the back ground. They should both be prosecuted. And as for the comment By THE CAPTAIN your dad threw you in the air and caught you he did not swing you around like this did you see the baby’s arms twisting and turning backwards. You need to watch the video again but this time focus on the arms on this child how would you like your arms to do that.. I thought not. Your an idiot. If we dont watch out for the children in the world who will..

    • guy

      Um, seriously ladies…it’s a fake video. The baby is CGI.

    • Krista

      Someone needs to find this man and beat the living shit out of him!!!! You cannot do this to a child let alone a baby!!!! I can’t believe this man is even a father…who in their right mind can do this to their child and not think of the consequences of what this could do to a baby! Their joints and ligaments aren’t fully fused together and neither is their brain cavity!! I am a 21 year old student and even I know this! I hope to God that this gets full media attention, the guy gets thrown in jail for child endangerment, and the child is checked out for injuries and taken away from this so called “father”. F***** idiot!

    • Jennifer

      I sure hope this isn’t real. This is not only a risk of shaken baby syndrome, but it could put the arm joints out of sockets or tear ligaments. Plus, if you accidentally let go……

    • Angel

      This is horrible, I hope justice is served soon!!

    • Adrienne

      Someone has to know who this maniac is and turn him in!! this child is in danger and anyone watching this and knows the lunatic, and not turn him in, will eventually be responsible for the death of a child!!!!!!!!!

    • Selu


      I am an expert with graphics, computer animation and special effects.
      This is a real baby, the movement while the baby is suspended in the air and being flipped about is all natural. There is no doll or ‘CGI’, so you idiots who know nothing need to stop claiming this to be a fake. It is NOT.

      This is a REAL baby in danger. These parents need to be found.

    • Mike

      There is nothing remarkable about this video other than the way it appears. There is nothing physically impossible or dangerous (except dropping the child) that he did that could injure the child. Even the swing through at 3:15 is a trick of your own eyes. The father is rotating his own wrists.
      In the rest, the father is taking up the child’s momentum with his elbow…. extending until gravity slows the baby, and then keeping the kid in motion, which causes no harm.

      Learn some simple physic people.

    • Jan

      this makes me sick. And it IS VERY DANGEROUS . I couldn’t even watch it all. This man is a sicko and I hope he rots in hell.

    • Bob

      Dear Mike,

      Although I think the video can be fake, I believe you need to learn “simple physic”…(and how to spell it as well). Your simple physics doesn’t account for the blood flow to the brain at higher speeds when the father is spinning the baby from the ankles. The whipping action brings the flow rate (Q) in the veins/arteries to staggering levels. You must have failed physics. Medical physics will show this is horribly high pressure on the brain.
      If you think you know physics, then follow this: volume flow rate Q = 3.3E-6 m^3/s, area = pi*r^2 m^2, v = Q/area m/s……you fucking idiot.

    • melissa

      this video gave me and anxiety attack! Awful!

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    • max

      some people have no right to have kids, this is why would in the world is wrong with people???

    • Jim

      Didn’t know what all the fuss was about as a child we were all swung around like a merry-go-round, however, this is no fun ride, the baby is swung 360′s by both arms, one arm, legs for 3 1/2 minutes, disgusting. Hopefully the baby will not have suffered permanent damage that may not be noticed for years to come. This is not funny.

    • Steve

      Outrageous as this is, it is minute in comparison to the 4 million babies who are tortured and killed in America every year (millions more across the world) — all in the sacred name of “Choice.” If you are appalled by this man’s actions with his little baby, you must be truly outraged at the millions of women (and men) who deliberately choose to have their innocent babies systematically murdered by doctors.

    • steve is gay

      Yay Steve!!! Abortion fits right in with this video. Way to make the correlation!!!! Go back to church

    • Andrea

      Circus papa, circus baby, circus genes! This baby will be a acrobat star someday, and all you boocallers will pay to see him fly the trapeze. And he will do the same with his own babies. A tradition of hundreds of years. The baby has a strong neck and can hold himself fine, and the papa knows exactly what he is doing.

    • Em

      **Applauds “Steve is it gay”** Thank you for pointing out the sad reality that ignorant f’in morons are still running around spewing garbage. I was certain they would all follow Jerry Falwell into the 9th circle of hell. Maybe they are waiting around on Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson to take their rightful place in hell. I’m all sad now. What an idiot….

      The vid is beyond frightening, might as well hand the kid an Uzi while you’re at it, wont make his death by abuse any worse.

      Chr*st Almighty these people shouldnt be allowed to breed.

    • unbelievable

      I hope authorities have been notified.This is clearly a case of child abuse.This should be removed from internet.The father should be imprisoned and/or mandatory counseling

    • Rob

      Ha classic, I’ve seen African women carrying their babies, climbing trees and all sorts with the child hanging by their arm or foot.

      Alas in these days of over population all people seem more and more concerned with keeping people alive.

      I have swung my children and all sorts, including catch and all 3 have grow up to be strong and tough, the kind of tough that will survive a plane crash or car wreck, unlike yours who would probably die from shock the first time the take a proper injury because it happens to the best of us!

    • Chris


    • LOLz

      this is the greatest way to exercise your infant! I’ve been doing this practice for the past 11months (my baby is 13 months old) and he is “one of the most well nourished infants” my doctor has ever seen. I think you all are over-reacting and should take in account the fact that you all are too lazy to spend time with your children.

      • wtf?

        I really feel sorry for ur kid and this guys kids. Absoulutely horrible to call swinging a baby from the arms some kind of exercise! Absurd! Swinging babies from the arm has nothing to do with spending time with your child, there are many ways of doing that doing normal stuff. to me its pure ignorance and I am so surprised the child isn’t brain damaged!

    • danny

      Anyone consider that maybe this is happening in a country that doesn’t see this as child endangerment and is probably commonly practiced by some? This man flipping,swinging, and twirling this baby around with out dropping him actually shows some skill not just some random fooling around . This baby actually surviving 3+ minutes without limbs popping out of joint ,screaming, crying, puking , and eyeballs popping out of his head shows tolerance to this type of activity. Dont get me wrong ,Id never do this to my child and would choke slam anyone that i saw doing this to a child, but Im thinking the father got tossed around like this by his father ,….and his father tossed around his father,..and so on. (Bobs) impressive Q = 3.3E-6 m^3/s, area = pi*r^2 m^2, v = Q/area m/s may be true for babies that haven’t built resistance to this, but its obviously a bust for the baby in this video,…sorry Bob.

    • David

      I agree. I watched this fathers movements with the child very carefully and it seems like to me that this guy is somekind of professional acrobatic.