Medela Sleep Nursing Bra: a Breastfeeding Product Review

medela-sleep-nursing-bra.jpgWelcome Carnival of Breastfeeding readers! This month’s participants each review one or more breastfeeding products (see the links at the end of this post).

Medela Sleep Nursing Bra Review

I ordered a Medela Sleep Nursing Bra when I was pregnant because I was looking for a soft, comfortable nursing bra without hooks or snaps. I was not disappointed! The fabric is 95% cotton, 5% spandex, and it comes in nude or white. The cups cross slightly in front, allowing for easy opening by pulling one cup to the side to reveal the breast. The ultra-lazy (me!) can pull up from the bottom rather than to the side. It has a racerback style and wide shoulder straps (which do leave a mark but are not uncomfortable) and pulls easily over the head. The bra is designed as a sleep nursing bra for holding in nursing pads. While it only offers minimal support, I am comfortable wearing it during the day at home and even under some shirts when I go out (others might prefer more support in a regular nursing bra but I like the comfortable fit and light coverage). At U.S. $19.99 the price is right too!

If you do get a Medela Sleep Nursing Bra, consider the sizing carefully. I tried on a medium during pregnancy, thinking I normally am a 36C. The medium was too small, and I thought I’d grow even bigger when my milk came in so I ordered an extra-large. In the end I fit best in the large.

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    • Lauren (HoboMama)

      It’s so helpful to have thorough reviews like this of nursing bras. I generally have to mail order mine, so I rely on other people’s experiences!

      I think a bra like this would have been great in pregnancy, when everything was so tender. I couldn’t stand an underwire touching my belly and would wear one only if I were going to see people I knew. Although I kick myself to this day that the last picture of me pregnant is with my soft cup, and I look sooo saggy. :) At least I was comfortable! Thanks for the post!

    • Sinead at Breastfeeding Mums Forums

      Sounds like a great bra and it’s so good when you find one you like ;)

    • jennifer

      I agree, this is the most comfortable nursing sleep bra ever!! I have 3 and LOVE them!!!

    • Jenny

      That really is a good price for a Medela bra! It’s one of the few Medelas we DON’T carry at work. We have the Comfort bra, but it costs more. This one might be good to add later, as most anyone could afford it.

    • Jen

      Great review! Especially helpful tips about sizing. Thanks!

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