Carnival of Positive Thinking

Well done friends, we have survived another week, but we need to move from surviving to thriving and so each Sunday I post articles that I receive which help turn our widows grief into a positive future. Enjoy!

Manoj Thulasidas presents Death of a Parent posted at Unreal Blog, saying, “My attempts to think positive when my father passed away a month ago.”

Julie maloney presents Depression | The Cool Mom Guide posted at The Cool Mom Guide.

Tony Huynh presents 8 Ways to Make Your Goal a Certainty posted at, saying, “People will allow themselves to be pushed around and bullied in order to remain comfortable. People will act in a painful situation to ease the pain or remove the source of that pain. Security and comfort is not afforded by a job, it is provided by your ability to produce.”

fred xiao presents 101 daily wealth affirmations posted at Easy money attraction, saying, “Wealth Affirmation is one kind of positive affirmations. It in itself is an effective tool to attract money into our life. Good wealth affirmations can adjust our attitude towards money and wealth, help us focusing on create wealth ideas, thoughts and actions. I have compiled 101 wealth affirmations as follows, just enjoy them”

fred xiao presents laws of attraction| 18 Tips to feel good easily and instantly – part I | the secret law of attraction | money attract wealth posted at Easy money attraction, saying, “feeling good is very easy if you know some simple tips. Here I list 18 tips to make you feel good instantly:”

Naren Ghimire presents The Joy of Being Yourself | How to be Yourself? posted at Spiritual Pub, saying, “An article that highlights some crucial factors behind our inability to accept the way we are, and also presents some remedies to those factors.”

jpek026 presents 4 Clever Ways to Become a Successful Pessimist posted at Gobs Health, saying, “Pessimists can have a positive impact as well.. Check out my advice to all the pessimists out there and my 4 ways to drive them towards success!”

myln presents Manage your life by start thinking positive posted at, saying, “Positive thinking is an art that can help you manage your life better. By start thinking positive you will place you self in a position that will allow you not only to manage your life better but it will also help you to raise your self-esteem and self-confidence.”

Chris Edgar presents How Our Judgments Of Others Can Teach Us About Ourselves posted at Purpose Power Coaching, saying, “When we criticize someone, we’re actually revealing something we don’t want others to see about ourselves. Because we judge some part of our personality as wrong or unacceptable, we try to convince ourselves and the world that someone else has it, not us. This article discusses how we can learn about ourselves from the ways we find ourselves judging others.”

Becca Glouzstein presents A Tribute to Mothers posted at Inspiration for Mothers . Com.

Daylle Deanna Schwartz presents Why I Don’t Quit posted at Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat, saying, “Since quitting on something you want means it’s over, learning how to persevere gives you the best chance of achieving your dreams.”

Andy presents Are Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Fears posted at Personal Hack, saying, ““Dreams Bigger Than Fears” – I’ve heard this quote and it really resonated with me. In order to achieve any kind of dream it often requires overcoming fear.”

Peter Murphy presents 9 Motivation Secrets That Make Dreams Come True posted at Get Motivated Stay Motivated.

Astrid Lee presents Trust, Stress-Combatting Thought & Saintly Help posted at World Healing, saying, “Life is about love, it’s that simple. Worried, stressed and not living the life you love? Click for help”

Erin Pavlina presents How Your Beliefs Affect Your Choices posted at Erin Pavlina’s Blog, saying, “Your intentions and beliefs have exceptional power to alter your life. Recently I realized how powerful beliefs are in that they affect what choices you make.”

David B Bohl presents 6 Characteristics of People to Surround Yourself With posted at Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “Are you somebody other people want to be around? If not, why not? And if so, what are those characteristics that you think make people want to be around you? Are those the same characteristics of people you want to surround yourself with?”

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