Giveaway: Because We CARES About Your Child

CARES is the only harness type safety restraint that has ever been certified by the FAA for use during all phases of air travel. 

CARES_Image_childi The FAA has long maintained that children weighing 22-44 pounds should be in their own seats, and restrained by car seats approved for use in airplanes.  Given the heaviness and awkwardness of car seats, however, many parents opt to buckle the kids into an adult size seatbelt on the plane.  While this is better than nothing, anyone who’s taken a close look can see that the child is likely to slip right through or under that belt.

That’s why CARES is so great!  You can check the car seat, or leave it at home, and take CARES along in your pocket or purse.  The harness weighs about a pound and takes up very little room, meaning it’s a lot easier to pack around than a car seat.

The specially designed belt and buckle device hold toddlers securely into their seat and is adjustable to virtually any size airplane seat.  It’s made by AmSafe Aviation, the same company that makes seatbelts for the rest of the plane, and the the FAA has determined that CARES greatly improves safety for young children over the airplane lap belt alone, and provides a level of safety equal to car seats.

CARES_with_packaging Each CARES until comes with an instructional video (it’s VERY easy to learn to use), an instruction card (easy to pack with you for quick reference while traveling) and and a carrying case.  MSRP $74.95.

The great people at Kids Fly Safe, the originator of CARES, have donated a CARES unit to one lucky readers of Travel Product Guide.

How do you win?  It’s easy! 

Just leave a comment telling us where you’d like to take a special little guy or girl on vacation?

All comments will be entered in a contest for the CARES unit.  The contest runs through tonight, Sunday, November 30th, 2008 at 11:59pm PT. A random winner will be selected from all the comments to receive the CARES unit.  Please only enter once and leave your email address in the appropriate spot so that we can contact you.

Don’t have a small one of your own?  Become the favorite family member, friend, or godparent with CARES and a special travel experience to go with it.  This makes a great gift!

Check back tomorrow for the winner of this giveaway, and to see what great gift Kori has for Monday.  Remember, it’s Countdown-to-Christmas with Travel Product Guide, and we’ll be giving away a travel gift each day right up until Christmas.

Photo credit:  Kids Fly Safe
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    • Stacie V

      I know my kids have been wanting to go to Disney World for some time now. I would take the down to Florida to see Mickey Mouse.

    • susan varney

      love to visit a major zoo

    • chastidy vernengo

      I would love to take my kids to New York at Christmas Time, I know they would love it.

    • Paula Harmon

      I have 4 kids ages 13, 10, 6 and 3. I still haven’t taken them to Disneyworld. My dad was going to take us a couple years back, but suddenly got sick and we lost him months later. I want to take them before they are much older.

    • Frances Watson

      the kids would love to go to disney world again ages 2 4 and 6

    • Dan

      Seattle. Or Israel.

    • ky2here

      We’ll go to Hamilton Beach.

    • Trisha

      i want to take my kids to disneyland.

    • Stephanie V

      would love to take my little boy to Italy where mommy and daddy got engaged.


      nyc to see the rockettes

    • robert groves

      I think it’s great, especially when you have small kids like myself.

    • allan

      i would like to take my granddaughter to see my parents before they die in or.

    • Kathy Scott

      This would be so nice for traveling to Australia.

    • Dorothy Zuk

      Would love to take my grandkids to Disney.

    • Ron

      Definitely WDW.

    • Jennifer

      This is a great idea. My husband and I were talking about taking a vacation for my 30th birthday and taking our son but that the carseat would be so difficult to take with us since he’s no longer in a carrier. I had to look this up on the FAAs website to make sure it is a legit thing, and it is! I am going to link this giveaway to my blog as well as the link to the FAAs site regarding the CARES harness.

    • Meg

      We are headed to visit family on the opposite coast for Christmas (and are looking at buying or renting a CARES) but I would really like to take my daughter to Egypt next year.

    • Tobster

      We would take our little one to visit family across the country and in Europe.

    • Susan P

      I’d like to take my son to NY to meet relatives and friends. thanks!

    • Shannon Baas

      To MN to visit grandparents.

    • Tanya Wilson

      I would love to be able to effortlessly & safely take my daughter to Disney…she would be thrilled and any parent would have piece of mind with a wonderfully innovative concept like this! Thanks for the entry!

    • Samantha

      Well I am in the military and stationed far away from my family so I would love to take my son back home to Pennsylvania to see where I grew up and see all of my family.

    • Kathy S

      Would love to win this to give to my daughter. We’re all flying to the islands for my son’s wedding next year, and her little one needs this!

    • Tanya Brewster

      Would love to take my girls, ages 8, 5, to Disney World.

    • Gianna

      Mount Rushmore :)

    • Heather B

      To visit my grandparents – they are too old to come visit and see my daughter but would love to take her to see them in Northern CA

    • Donna K

      I want to take them to Disney World.

    • Suanne Giddings

      Is there a child (or adult) alive that doesn’t want to go to Disney World or Disneyland??? Now that’s what I call a vacation!!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway! HAPPY HOLIDAYS ONE AND ALL!!!

    • vanessa hunter

      Sesame Place, of course! It’s all about the babies!

    • Frances Watson

      I was told I won this and never recieved it

    • Mary Jo

      Yes, Frances, you did win the CARES harness.

      I sent an email out requesting mailing information so that I could have it sent out to you, but didn’t get anything back. Cyberspace gremlins at work, I guess.

      Please send me mailing information directly at so that I can take care of it.