Free Pattern – Make Your Own Cozy Fleece Slanket, Snuggie, or Snuglet

free pattern slanket blanket snuglet snuggie blanket fleece

Whether you call it a “Snuggie” a “Slanket“, “Snuglet” or just that big fleece blanket with sleeves, they’re popular, and at this time of year – it’s no wonder!  You can curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and your needlework, stay warm and keep your arms free all at the same time.

But you’d rather make your own instead of shelling out $50?  Luckily, my lovely friend Karen found a great free pattern to make your own Snuglet!

Welmoed’s Sewing Room has created a PDF how-to for sewing your own fleece blanket from 3 yards of polar fleece.  I’ve seen fleece on sale for as low as $5, so it’s a lot more economical to sew your own when you can find the fabric on sale :-)


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    • Amythyst

      I love this idea because the ones in stores say they are made roomy and they aren’t. Maybe people who can craft can make better ones.

    • mom2fur

      Wow, that is so cool! I’ve seen them advertised, but I agree with Amythyst: we can probably make ‘em much better.
      Thanks so much for the link.

    • Amy

      Thank you for a fun, easy pattern. I loved making this. I was going to order a Snuggie but I was very disappointed in their quality (cheap, thin fleece) and shipping charges. I too felt sure I could make it myself and probably make it nicer. Sure enough, with this pattern it was a snap. Guess what everyone in my family is getting for Christmas!?

    • Lana Cyborowski

      I tried making a snuggie today but had trouble fitting the sleeve into the blanket – the armhole oval seemed too large for the sleeve.

      How does it work? I hope someone can help
      because I’d like to make this as a Christmas gift and time is running short.

    • Chloe

      Hi Lana,

      Have you tried stretching the arm to fit the armhole as you sew it? You can also try notching the arm around the shoulder opening – that can give you a little more ease as well.

      If there’s a big difference between the armhole and the sleeve, try sewing an extra piece of fabric all the way around the armhole. That should give you enough extra fabric to attach the arm to.

      Hope this helps!


    • Amy

      Yes, the sleeve hole is a tad too big, but I just pinned the sleeve to the opening, fitting the larger opening to the sleeve. There will be a little pleating in the fleece, but it really won’t show. Try to fit the hole evenly all the way around so you won’t have one big pleat. I have made a second snuggie and I did reduce the sleeve hole a little. I hope this helps!
      I’m so excited… I just took my two snuggies to be monogrammed. They will be sooo cute!

    • Lana Cyborowski

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll try again tomorrow.

      Amy, how much did you reduce the sleeve hole on your 2nd snuggie?

    • Amy

      Not by much. I think my oval ended up close to 8 and 1/2 inches long by 6 inches wide. It was easier to fit the sleeve to the hole. Good luck, I’m sure your snuggie will turn out great!

    • Rebecca

      All my kids have these on their Christmas list, so I was thrilled to find this pattern! Santas elves have a lot of work to do in the next 14 days!!! Thanks for posting this!

    • Blue

      Or buy a comfy house coat, and turn it around backwards. Thats all it really is.

    • http://none Eleanor

      I will make one for a child size 10. Any sizing suggestions? For genuine Polartec go to or 978-686-7700 X223
      I have bought there twice. Thanks for your input.

    • ann

      the pfd how-to download is damaged somehow would like to have pattern for snuggie. i have adobe reader-9 so should be able to download.could someone send to me .thanks

    • ruth angevine

      I cannot find the pattern and get it for the snugglie can someone sentd it to me

    • Chloe

      Hi Ann – try downloading the pattern again, it’s working for me :-)

      Hi Ruth – have you clicked on the highlighted text “PDF how-to” in the post above? That’s where the pattern is :-)

      Hope this helps!


    • Isabelle

      OR, maybe you could use this newfangled invention called a ROBE. It’s a blanket, but your arms are free! It’s also adjustable!

    • Viv

      Wow ! thanks so much for this pattern ! I had ordered a snuggie but it was back-ordered, i cancelled as I wanted it as a xmas gift. then struggled with how to make one — and here you have done it for us ! thank you very much and happy holidays to all you creative persons !!!!

    • grandkid

      Hi all,
      Please don’t make these for your kids or grandkids. If they ever use them, it will be as part of a cloak-ish costume. I think you guys need to either turn up the heat or put a sweatshirt on if you cant comfortably have your arms leave the blanket. And a ‘snuggie’, is just a robe you’re wearing backwards, kinda like Kriss Kross. Who’s Kriss Kross? exactly. Wearing backwards clothes is dumb.

    • Donna

      Wonderful Pattern! My nephews wanted these for Christmas this year and they are so quick and easy. I did take Amy’s suggestion and make the arm holes 8 1/2″ x 6″. They turned out wonderfully! Thank you for posting this pattern!

    • kelley

      Me and my friend agree these are just backwards robes!

    • Roxie

      I made the sleeves 14″ instead of 12″. That worked much better.

    • ann

      I would like to find pattern for fleece shawl with pockets. thanks

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    • Eileen

      I think the kids here are right – this is a robe worn backwards – but much nicer. How do I know that? because I wear my robe backwards on cold evenings and it looks really dumb.

      Hey kids, not everyone has central heating!

      I’m definitely making one of these for myself ;-)

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    • Pam

      Yes they are kind of like a robe worn backwards, but if you notice they are much longer than a robe and much roomier. So this ends up being a cross between a robe worn backwards and a blanket, since if I wear my robe backwards it’s not as roomy as a blanket and it doesn’t cover my feet unless I tuck my legs up. I also have no desire to make everyone else in my family hot when I’m too cold – since I have low blood pressure I’m usually shivering when everyone else is comfortable.

    • Eileen

      Me too, Pam. My DH is nice and warm while I sit in the same room freezing. My hands and feet are always cold this time of year due to Raynaud’s.

    • Sandra

      Does anyone have the directions to make a childs size snuggie thanks

    • http://none Sandra

      Does anyone have directions for a child size snuggie

    • SkaycD

      Thanks so much for the pattern, your a God send.

      I’m making one for my husband as he has to spend much time in his recliner due to back problems.

      This is going to be so much better then the ones advertised on TV which charge an arm and a leg for shipping plus may takes a very long time to get judging from all I have read on line.

      And to those of you that say turn up the heat…..not everyone lives in well insulated homes with central heating, also not all of us can afford large gas bills either.

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    • Margene

      How do I download the free pattern for the blanket with sleeves. I’ve tried everything.

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    • Chloe

      Hi Margene,

      First of all – do you have the latest edition of Adobe Reader? If you don’t – try downloading, it’s a free program available online from Adobe:

      Once you have the latest version, click on the link in my post that says “PDF how-to”. That should open up as a one page document. In the top left-hand corner of your browser window there is a little floppy disc icon. Click it and that should allow you to save the pattern to your computer.

      If you’re still having problems, try another browser platform. I use Firefox, and haven’t had any problems.

      Hope this helps!


    • Donna

      I’m looking for a child size pattern for the snuggie. Any one have one?

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    • Bea Hein

      Thank you so much for the pattern, i’ve been looking for it for a long time.It will help for x-mas next year!

    • Paula

      Thanks for the pattern info. My kids (7 and 10) wanted the ones on TV and I thought it looked like the perfect thing for Michigan winter. We couldn’t find any in stock anywhere and I wasn’t going to pay 9 bucks each in shipping.

      I found the pattern and have now made 1 adult size and 3 kids sizes. Pretty good for someone who doesn’t sew. They love them and now don’t fight over who has more of the blanket when watching TV on our cold winter nights. I need to make one for me because my husband won’t give the other on up! We do laugh because we look like some weird cult sitting around the living room, but at least we are a warm cult!

    • Donna

      Paula, could you tell me how much yardage you used for the child ones? I want to make some for grandsons. Also how much you cut off for the sleeves. Thanks

    • Paula

      Just remember than my idea of sewing is just buying a new one of whatever ripped!

      Joanns had No-Sew Fleece throw kits on sale. It included two 48″ by 60″ pieces of fleece, one plain and one patterned. I used the patterned piece for the body and the other piece for the sleeves. We bought two kits for $15 each and were able to make 3 kid size snuggles because we got three sets of sleeves out of one whole piece.
      The shorter length is great, it still covers their feet but isn’t long enough to trip on. My girls are 10 and 7 and it fits both fine.

      The armholes were 9 inches from the edges and were 6 by 4. I gave them a pretty big neck fold, if you have a taller kid then you could put the armholes closer to the top.

      The sleeves were larger around than the armholes so I sewed some gathers in.

      One thing I found out, the kids love that their sleeves are a different color than the fabric. They can put them on a lot easier. When they used the big one they could never put it on by themselves.

    • Donna

      Paula, thanks for your fast reply,I have a piece of fleece just about a yard, and another piece that is a different color that I can use for the sleeves. Sounds like that works well in helping kids get into it. Can’t wait to try it. thanks again, Donna

    • http://none Sandra

      please let me know the directions for a child size

    • Donna

      Sandra, read the comment from Paula, She explained how she did it.

    • Ann

      Child Size
      Body – 48″w x 60″L
      Oval for armhole – 6″h x 4″w

      But what are the dimensions for the arms??

    • Janet

      My 7 year old granddaughter called a few minutes ago and said, “Marmoo, will you make me a Snuggie?” How could I refuse? I’ll use the child size dimensions (48″ W x 60″ L). How far are the armholes (6″H x 4″W) from the center fold? What are the dimensions for the sleeves? I’ll by fleece on Wednesday (Jan 14) so please help be by Tuesday night.

    • Cathy

      Does anyone have the measurements of the arms for the child size snuggie?

    • Janet

      What is moderation?

    • Chloe

      Hi Janet, moderation means that I have to approve comments before they appear on Tangled Thread. On weekends it may take a little longer for comments to appear, just because I need to take time off too :-)


    • Janet

      I just made an adult “Snuggie” for myself–took about 30 min utes!! The dimensions for a child-size snuggie will help me if I get them by Wednesday when I get fleece.

    • Paula

      Our homemade snuggies are going to come in handy with the funky weather we are having in Michigan lately.

      My husband took one 60 by 48 piece, folded it the short way and we got three sets of arms out of it! Cut each arm piece in half and you will have 6 arm pieces at 20 x 24 each.

      The placement for the armholes was created by folding the fabric in half then measuring 6 inches from the top and 6 inches from the fold.

      We measured the distance between the arms of our oldest and used that for all of the snuggies. If your child is taller or you want less of a cowl neck you can make the sleeves closer to the top.

      I toyed with the idea of making a foot pocket at the bottom but I knew my kids would try to walk and kill themselves. But I still think it’s a good idea for a grownup :-).

      Thats why I loved this project, you don’t have to be skilled to pull it off. This went way better than the time I tried to quilt! And my misshapen afghan.

      Well have fun and ask if you need anything else. I still need to make one for myself!

    • Janet

      Thanks so much, but I always get in a hurry. I cut the armholes about 9″ from the top and about 8″ from the center. I measured the circumfrance of the armhole and got 18″ so that’s how wide I made them. I’ll sew this evening–too bad I can’t wear my “Snuggie” while I sew!! Thanks for your help.

    • Lynn

      Please help, I cannot find the pattern for the snuggie. I have looked and looked and just can’t see it. Please send it to me.

    • Lynn

      Please help, I cannot find the pattern for the snuggie. I have looked and looked and just can’t see it. Please send it to me.

    • Chloe

      Hi Lynn, the link for the pattern is the highlighted text in the post above saying “PDF how-to”. Scroll up to the actual post, click on the words and it will open as a separate link.


    • Kiwi mom

      well, it might be a gown on backwards, but how many other things that our kids want for Christmas esentially the same as something else they already have, just a different color, or name? Thank you so much for the pattern, I will be making one for my 6yo this weekend as a cozy winter pressie – and good for traveling or camping too!!! (and yes, he does have a perfectly functioning bathrobe made of cozy fleece that he wears over his jammies :)

    • Donna

      Paula , just wanted to let you know that the child snuggie came out great. The measurements were perfect for the sleeves.

    • sherry

      I just downloaded the pattern for the snuggie, thanks alot. I have wanted one but I just couldn’t see paying what they wanted. I didn’t have any trouble downloading the pattern. I also took down the instructions for the kid sizes also. My family is going to love them. Thanks again

    • Gina

      I just downloaded the pattern for the Snuggie last night after cancelling my order where we’ve waited for 7 weeks plus 32 dollars in shipping!! This afternoon my 3 kids and I went to the fabric store and bought cute and on sale fleece and made 5 Snuggies for us to have when the temp is -10 w/o wind chill!! Thanks for the easy and quick pattern.

    • Jackie

      I made one of these for my granddaughter and she loved it! I also had the armhole situation but it was no big deal, I just based the armhole and pulled the stictches to fit the sleeve. This was the easiest item I have ever made and ours is a one of a kind and probably better material than the TV ones. (it actually cost me about the same as the TV one but it’s warmer and much nicer)

    • partha maness

      I Cant find the pattern for the snuggie would you please send it to me I can make them a lot cheeper. thank you partha

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    • Welmoed

      As the original poster of the Snuglet pattern, I’m just blown away with how popular it has become. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t get an email about it!! I’m so glad so many people are enjoying making their own Snuglets!!

    • Brad

      I made my wife a lavendar one for Valentine’s Day, and she LOVES it. When I bought the fleece, there was an extra half yard on the roll, and the sales lady threw that in for 1/3 the price, which worked out to be around $1. I used that extra length, cut out squares on either side at the bottom (making a tab or sorts) then I folded the tab underneath, sewed on the left and right, and made a foot “pocket.” My wife loves it and the foot pocket keeps her feet extra warm. Just a thought — I think it improves the design. I made the pocket about 15 inches in depth and 20 inches (perhaps a little less) in width.

    • Jeff

      I admit that I was a bit of a “snuggie-hater” when I first saw the commercials, after all, how can such a simple idea be so great? I got one for Christmas and I am instantly in love! It is so much more convenient, especially when sitting up in a chair while reading, etc. Regular blankets just don’t stay up around you. The “as seen on TV” one only comes in three ugly colors and the material is a bit rough on the skin and is a little too light for my liking. I am excited with this simple pattern to make my own in a fabric that I like.
      Thanks for the pattern!

    • Jackie

      Hi! I made one for my granddaughter in a lavendar swirly material. She was sooo thrilled, and hers (as yours) is a one of a kind! I accidentally sewed the arms the wrong way and had to cut another two feet off the bottom, but it turned out perfect, because it was a good length for her. As for the sleeve being to small for the armhole, I just basted the armhole and pulled the threads to fit, just as you do when sewing from a pattern. This has to be the simplest thing I ever made. I had got fleece on sale at JoAnn’s and the edges don’t fray. I paid a little more, but it’s a better quality, much thicker than the ones on TV. I steal it from her when she’s not looking..LOLOL

    • annette

      i can not op[en the file for the pattern
      it said file is damaged

    • Tim

      Thanks for the pattern, and to those who don’t like the idea of this, well all i can say is don’t make it… thanks again for the pdf file, everything is working great, and thanks for the 8.5 x 6 inch update in comments.

    • Brad

      Made a kid-sized snuggie for my 3 year old daughter (again with a foot pocket) using Tinker Bell fleece. She absolutely loves her “Tinka beh nuggie!” Thanks for providing the kid-size proportions, although I discovered that this isn’t a real complex pattern and can modified in any number of ways.

    • Lynn

      Can you please tell me again how to find the PDF. file for the snuggie. I printed it before but I have misplaced the pattern and once again I cannot find the site. Thanks, Lynn

    • Chloe

      I was able to access the pattern just a moment ago. Click on the highlighted link that says “PDF how-to” in my post above the comments, and it should open up.

    • RaShawnsGrandma

      WOW! Thanx so much for this pattern & all the good follow-up info. I’m gonna make 3, for me & my 27yo daughter & my 2yo grandson—then we’re gonna hit the Snuggie Pub Crawl in our town (no, I’m not gonna take the baby to a bar!). Here it’s gonna be at a BBQ restaurant. Check out the website to see if there’s 1 in your town.

    • Gwen Baggett

      As a professional quilting artist, knowing how much people love to cuddle with quilts, I had to try this with a quilt. Of course it works—with thin batting—and is SO COMFY! The cost is higher, of course, but for those who prefer quilts over “blankets,” it’s wonderful. Thank you for the pattern.

    • Naomi

      Thank you for posting this! My son has been wanting one is his favorite character prints!

    • shydobes

      Thank you for the pattern I agree about homemade much cheaper. This little housewife very grateful for the detailed info including measurement.

    • Glenda

      I am going to a conference next week and have been forewarned that the auditorium is ice cold and to take a fleece. I remembered the commercials for snuggies, but it is too late to order one, and they certainly aren’t in Oklahoma stores in the summer! So, I went online and found this pattern, went to Hancock’s and bought the fleece on sale, and made it in just a short period of time. Hating to waste anything, I took the ovals that I cut out for the armholes, folded one end down about 1/3 of the way, serged around them, and used them for cute front pockets. They’ll be handy for Kleenexes, cough drops, etc. next winter. I also turned up a 6″ hem on the sleeves and rolled up the cuffs. Same for the collar. It fits better that way. Thanks for sharing the pattern online!

    • Maureen

      the link to the .pdf gives me a blank screen

    • Shirley Robinson

      Where can I get the free pattern for childrens snuglet, with the different sizes from a 7 year old to a 13 year old based on height.
      Thank you very much.

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    • Kirbi

      I love the idea of these snuggies. I do have a pattern on making one, crocheted. I don’t have one on , knitting one. Does anyone have a knitted pattern of these warm snuggies ? Just looking. Keep up with the good work. I love these snuggies.
      Thanks, Kirbi

      • brittney

        yha right

    • CINDY

      What were the proportions for childrens sizes?

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    • Barbara

      Help me find a pattern for a child size snuggie blanket.

    • Lynda W

      I had been thinking about buying one, but saw one a friend had
      bought and thought the fabric was not the best quality. So I
      made my from your pattern, adding a couple of pockets and the
      little foot places another contributor had done. Fabulous.

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    • Michele

      Great pattern for the kids snugglie as well as an adult pattern that has the armhold template to cut out

    • Dorothy

      Cannot find a link to the free children’s sized Snuglet. Could it be added to the main page? Or can someone forward it to me? thanks.

    • Carole

      Want to look see the pattern for the snuggie blanket with sleeves

    • Faith

      Ok, I keep seeing everyone talking about some link to a snuggie pattern with measurements for adult and child sizes! However, I see no link anywhere! Someone please help!

    • mearl

      I am unable to find a child pattern and instructions for the snuggie. Please direct me to the link or send it to me please.

    • Lynn

      Please, can someone send me the pattern for the kids snuggie. Does it fit right or do you have to make changes to it?

    • Vicky Bruns

      How do you size the Snuggie for a little girl? She’s seven years old.

    • Micki

      I buy twin-size fleece blankets (60 x 86) ranging from $8 to $15 to make my snuglets. The edges are finished and they are the perfect adult size.

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    • Diane

      I would like the pattern for a snuggie and it says it is a free pattern would like to get it please because check in store and the material is very cheap. So I waqnt to make one

    • Britney


    • Snuggie Pattern Cult

      Whether buying one or making your own with a pattern, the great Snuggies continue to grow in popularity. They help you stay warm and are a great part of modern culture!

    • Teresa

      How do you close up the back of a Snuggie blanket? My 12 year old son wants one for Christmas but wants it to close in back. They are on sale so thought I would buy one and close it. It would be cheaper than buying the fleece material.

      • Patricia

        have seen many with a button on one side of the back and an elastic loop on the other to close the back have also seen velcro used.

    • Barbara Allen

      I saw numerous posts for a pattern for child’s snuggie so here is one I found

      • Megan

        This is a great link….I can not find a child snuggie for my daughter and they only come in pink and blue she wants zebra for Christmas….Thanks you so much….and the pattern looks super easy for anyone!!!!!!!!!

    • pam

      I can not get the site to work..please send me the pattern for the adult snuggle..please my email is above..thanks

      • Joseph Bolt

        click ” PDF how-to ” to pull up the PDF file. the link is in the text!!!!!!

    • Jean Jones

      Instructions for a child sized snuggie…approximate size 12-14.

    • dreamerweebly

      Try velcro to close them up front or back….

    • Kasey

      This was great pattern, I’m not the best at sewing but mine came out great and it took me two hours (including troubleshooting sewing machine problems), now my co-workers want ones of their favorite sports team! Thanks for this!

    • robin

      u can also use a blanket

      • Shannie

        Meh, but problem with a blanket is no sleeves to keep your arms warm without having to place your arms outside of the blanket, if you’re doing something like crossword puzzles, in front of your computer or anything that requires movement of hands and or arms. But for watching a movie or staying still then yeah a blanket is a good idea. For movement I’d say a snuglet is a better way to go.


      would like to know where to find a pattern for a toddler for a snuggie.

      thank you

    • Anne

      I want to make snuggies for the people on my Christmas list. I can not get the free snuggie pattern to work. Can you please send one large adult pattern and one child pattern, please?

      Thanks a lot.

    • Andrea Elliott

      I’ve read all the comments, reviews etc. concerning the snuglet pattern, but have spent over an hour trying to locate the pattern. What am I doing and/or reading wrong. Please help.

    • Joseph Bolt

      read the directions and click ” PDF how-to ” to pull up the PDF file. the link is in the text!!!!!!

    • Katherine
    • Donna

      would love the instruction for the kid size snuggie.

    • Linda

      How do I find the instructions for the kid’s size Snuglet?

    • elvira2

      where did you download it from

    • Michelle

      Where do we download the pattern? Which site???

    • Shirley Robinson

      did you ever get the childrens pattern?

    • Shirley Robinson

      I am also looking for the childrens pattern. I want to make 5 of them for Christmas wutg different lengths. Is there a pattern for different sizes for children? Thank youl

    • Van Every

      Did you find it? I couldn’t figure it out either…It’s a pdf file, let me know if you are still having probs.

    • Faron

      I also need a childs snuggie pattern and wonder where I could find one. I’m not talented enough to just cut one down. I need measurements.

    • Linda Stuart

      I am looking for a kids size pattern or measurements…would you share your source, I can’t make one for one granddaughter, and not one for the other! Thanks so much,

    • Kristine

      Where did you find the childs snuggie pattern? or what measurements to cut it down to?

    • Liz

      Where do I find the Snuggie pattern?

    • Cheyenne Morris

      Hey! You can find the child version of the Snuggie at this website. The measurements and instructions included. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it would work!!! Hope this helps!!!

    • Marla Reames

      Where did you get the measurements for the children’s sizes? I want to make for Christmas and am not talented enough to figure out how to cut down the adult pattern.

    • robyne

      where did you find the child size snuggie instructions?

    • Darlene

      could you please give me the “pdf how to” for the child’s snuggie. Thanks!:)
      I’m just actually looking for the arm length for the BODY 60″L X 48″W ARMHOLES 6″H X 4″H.