Win Three Teen Novels from Author Mary Kennedy

I’ve got an exciting giveaway for the readers of Career and Kids! Author Mary Kennedy has given us three of her teen novels, and we’re giving you to chance to win them.

When a Hollywood film company visits a small town in New England to shoot a movie, Jessie Phillips finds herself in a starring role opposite Shane Rockett– Teen Magazine’s “Sexiest Teen of the Year.” It’s all too exciting for words, but there’s trouble on the set, and someone is trying to sabotage the movie. Jessie, along with her best friend, Tracy, manage to solve the crime, find romance and score fifteen minutes of fame.

The sequel to CONFESSIONS OF AN ALMOST MOVIE STAR. Jessie is off to Hollywood for the week-end–but it turns into a summer internship at one of the town’s hottest gossip magazines. Jessie is thrilled to land a job as the “teen entertainment correspondent” at Juicy and she finds herself rubbing elbows with movie stars on the red carpet. Does she meet up with Shane again? Read the book and see…

Amber Fielding is the “It Girl” of South Beach–she’s the darling of the media and her father’s hotel is one of the most famous places in South Beach. She’s rich, blonde and famous, but Amber learns that not ALL publicity is good publicity.

For more on Mary Kennedy, don’t forget to check out her interview right here at Career and Kids.

Want to win these three great books? Leave a comment on this post by Monday, January 26th. I’ll choose a winner at random and announce the lucky guy or gal the next day.

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      Love to win these for my granddaughter, she love reading, and I try and supply that interest, thanks for the giveaway

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      I am tickled hot pink! I have 4 teenage granddaughters and all four are turning out to be fairly serious readers. When I was their age I started reading Gone With the Wind and simply could not put it down. My mother was so great, she actually made me lunch and supper on a tray so I could keep on reading. My grand daughters used to laugh at this family story, but, since the vampire novels and others have been published the request for weekend take-out meals is increasing. If you ask me what I would want my grandchildren to “be”, the answer, for me would be readers. Some of my best hours in my life have been spent with a book. Thru books I have traveled to new places, eaten strange foods, and so on. I am so proud of my grand daughters, now if my grandsons can just catch up with them.

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      As the rain and drizzle is coming down here in Texas, there is nothing more I love than reading books and cuddling with my two year old. These books would give me an escape from my hectic life.

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