Saturday Blogsurfing: Warming Winter Soup Edition

Happy weekend!

We had two simultaneous sleepovers last night.  BOY sleep overs.

Why do girls have the reputation of being giggleboxes? Seriously? A roomful of boys is just as bad, or worse.  Poor Shiloh braved the testosterone as long as she could and then retreated to her pink room with the antique Victorian bed.  Kyrie, being much younger and yet just as aware of the testosterone condensation appearing on the walls asked to sleep at our oldest daughter’s house with our grandkids.  Smart girl.

I retreated to my room, with the rose themed border and bedpread.  And here I am still, this morning, hiding with my computer.

There were two boxes of pizza left over and I told them to just eat that for breakfast.  Marc and Matthew were headed to a mens meeting at church, and as long as I have coffee I don’t care about food.

So, that is what my Saturday is looking like.  Yours?  Are you staying warm?  I have been watching twitter with interest as everyone gives their highs and lows.  We have had highs in the 30s followed by highs in the 70s.  That is just how Texas is.  You learn not to put ANY seasonal clothes away from October to June because it could be 86 one day and 37 the next.

This week I wanted to concentrate on soups since the majority of the country seems to be bombared with blustery blasts, swirling snow, and icy toes.  Soup makes your house smell great, is generally pretty frugal, healthy, and it is warm.

Here’s what I found.

Anna, who blogs Morsels and Musings, has a fantabulous looking Mushroom and Barley soup. Mushrooms add a lot of flavor and in this vegetarian soup they give the rich, beefy taste that goes so well with barely.

Kevin, of Closet Cooking, creates on of my comfort foods.  His Hot and Sour  Soup looks amazing !

On Andrea’s Recipes, Andrea posted a recipe for a Carrot and Ginger Soup that is way different from mine.  I am definitely trying this one.

A new blog to me is SImple, Natural, Nourishing.  Shannon has a fantastic looking Tomato and Balsamic VInegar Soup recipe up.  What IS it about tomato soup? It is just that good.

How can I resist the blog of a fellow Texas housewife?  Nessa, from  Texas Housewife’s Homemakin’ Blog has a great Chicken and Rice Soup recipe posted.

I am a big fan of Judy’s at No Fear Entertaining.  Her Tuscan Pumpkin and White Bean soup might be just the thing to defrost with this afternoon.

Smell’s Like Home has a recipe posted for Sausage and Lentil Soup.  That sounds like comfort food to me.

Alejandra has posted a recipe for one of my favorites, Split Pea Soup on Always Order Dessert.  This particular recipe is different in that it is lighter and has a “smoky garlic swirl” to add both visual appeal and flavor. Yum.

From Jill, at Hey, That Tastes Good!, comes this recipe for Hungarian Bean Soup.  If it has worked all these years for cold Hungarians you know it will thaw you, too.  Right?  And it is gluten free.

From me, a recipe for Zuppa Tuscana.  Warm, rich and creamy, this is the kind of soup I love best.

What are your favorite soups?  Do you have any favorites that I missed?

Stay warm!

Image:Bennigan’s Baked Potato Soup (c) 2009 Marye Audet, all rights reserved.

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    • Judy

      Great soup round up! Thanks for putting mine on there!

    • Marye

      thanks for stopping by Judy. :)

    • Bellini Valli

      A nice bowl of hearty soup would go down so well right now Marye!!

    • Marye

      Are you staying warm, Valli?

    • Baking

      Boys! How I know! Party of 7 Fridaynight, giggling away… although I think they would’ve preferred to stay at your house because I decided to serve them a vegetarian pesto pasta with spinach and roasted tomatoes to please the veg. teenager amongst them. Yay me. Not.
      I did soup the previous time….

    • Marye

      Baking…O.k..well I would have been happy with that. :)
      Email them to me next time and I will email myself toyour house…