• Tue, Jan 20 2009

Obama Inauguration Fever

Yes, the Obama Inauguration fever has swept even the world of scrapbooking! I know I’d be watching this historic inauguration even though I have to wake up at 5.30am to watch it. Ack. Such is life when you live on the other side of the world to the US :-)

What about you? Would you be watching the inauguration?

Much as I like US President-elect Barack Obama, I don’t think I can top what Celeste Patterson and Lisa Sanford did and are doing for the love of Obama. SK Scrap shows her happiness by creating a scrapbook layout of Barack Obama’s election.
Celeste K. Patterson of Charlotte, N.C., was inspired by one of Obama’s speeches to create an accordion book about his candidacy.

“To this day, when I look at that album and think about our future and the possibilities, my eyes tear up and I wish my grandparents could have lived to see this day, when our country pulled together and demanded change,” she says.

And this is what Lisa Sanford is doing to fuel the Obama inauguration fever:

Lisa Sanford is an avid scrapbooker and author of Ethnic Scrapbooking, released in September 2007. She travels the country teaching her signature style of scrapping. Next weekend, she’ll be giving a presentation to a group of women who are going to Obama’s inauguration, providing tips on how to engage and preserve this huge moment in history.

Cool eh?

And here’s Sonia’s layout:

Person Lisa Sanford
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