Carnival of Positive Thinking

Welcome to this weeks series of articles which will help us face our grief -enjoy!

Mike King presents 6 Steps to Pull Yourself Out of a Slump posted at Learn This.

Jeremy J. Ulmer presents Life Coach Tip: Don?t Hold Back Your Greatness posted at Sales Coaching | Business Coaching | Life Coaching.

Michael Miles presents Some thoughts on coincidence posted at Effortless Abundance.

John Wolfe presents Evoking Change through Uplifting Action posted at Wind of the Soul, saying, “Taking positive, impactful action is not about being a people pleaser or doing it for attention. Performing “good” deeds to please others or to show off and garner praise stems from an inner place of doubting our own value. Performing uplifting, life affirming action should come from a place of truly wanting to make a difference and help others, while simultaneously respecting yourself.”

Broderick Allen presents Persistence posted at Broderick Allen – Personal Growth and Enjoying Life’s Journey.

Aparna presents Beauty and Personal Grooming: An anger management tip posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “It’s so easy to preach and so difficult to practice. Especially, when you are told to control your wrath and keep your cool in the most trying circumstances. More often than not, in the heat of an infuriating situation it is very difficult to even think of following any anger management steps. More so, when you feel that your anger is completely justified. The age-old advice “Count to 10 to control your temper” simply doesn’t work when you are held in the throes of anger.”

Joshua Seth presents The Top 3 Reasons People Don’t Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions | Hypnotist, Speaker, and Author of The Weight Loss Hypnosis Solution: Joshua Seth posted at Joshua Seth Blog , saying, “‘Tis the season for goal setting isn’t it? Year after year we all make New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions…despite knowing that in a few weeks they’ll be all but forgotten! Why is this? Why do people vow to drop those extra pounds, even go so far as joining a gym, and then never do anything about it?”

hm presents Stars at Obama’s Inauguration posted at Gossip Highway, saying, “If you’re into star-gazing don’t turn your t.v. to any of the upcoming award shows. You’ll see more celebs at Obama’s inauguration festivities.”

Desikachari Nadadur presents Ways to Overcome Limiting Thought Patterns | I Am My Own Master « Self-Mastery – Enlightenment – Ascension posted at Desika Nadadur’s Self-Mastery Blog | I am My Own Master, saying, “Positive affirmations which expansive and limitless can help one to overcome limiting thinking patterns.”

Rational Anarchist presents Ordeal in Space posted at The Rational Anarchist, saying, “To paraphrase FDR, the only thing we have to fear is not understanding the fear we have.”

Isaac Yassar presents How To Realize Happiness posted at Isaac Yassar’s Overture , saying, “People seek happiness. That is the reason of their studying and working, improving their personal quality to achieve success. The question is what will happen after we reach success. Probably the answer is getting piles of money and massive personal consciousness, the mediums to reach happiness. At least that is what most people think. Is that true?”

Wally Bock presents Preparation of a Hero posted at Momentor.

Kate presents Cherish the Time posted at Advice on Love, Life, and Everything Between, saying, “A look at how to cherish the time with loved ones and build lasting memories”

Naren Ghimire presents A Simple Secret to a Fulfilling Life | Spiritual Pub posted at Spiritual Pub, saying, “Why does life seem meaningless, empty, and worthless? What are the reasons behind such feelings? Is there a way to cope with such feelings and find meaning and fulfillment in life again? This article will be answering these questions to its best.”

Carole Gold presents There’s Only One of Us posted at Carole Gold, saying, “Want to quickly feel more optimistic about the economic challenges we face AND actually impact the future?”

Jim presents Success Finds Hard Work, Talent & Passion posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Stephen Martile presents How to Change Your Thoughts, Fast! posted at by Stephen Martile, saying, “Not many people know this, but I’ve been trained in NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. With this training I’ve been able to change thought patterns fast. How fast? I’m talking seconds, not hours, days or even months. In this video I’ll show you exactly how I change thoughts fast using NLP.”

Donald Latumahina presents 8 Essential Life Lessons for True Success posted at Life Optimizer.

Applying the Law of Attraction presents How the Law of Attraction Will Alter Your Life Course posted at Applying the Law of Attraction Membership Library, saying, “Living within the Law of Attraction is definitely going to take you off the course you were headed down before you found this secret of the ages. What’s so amazing is that you find no more use for the stuff that you once thought was necessary.”

Erin Pavlina presents Tears of Hope and the Power of Perseverance posted at Erin Pavlina’s Blog, saying, “A friend of mine and member of my mastermind group, Aimmee Riley, wrote a book called Tears of Hope about her experiences growing up in Lebanon during their civil war. When I first heard about her book I was very hesitant to read it. I knew she had suffered terrible hardships during her life and I am so sensitive to the suffering of others that I figured I would just be sobbing the whole time I read it. I didn’t want that experience so I put off reading her book. But one of the other members of my mastermind group assured me that the story is told in such a way that I would not be overwhelmed…”

Anita Bern presents This year everything is going to be different… really! posted at Social anxiety disorder.

Jon Chambers presents Motivation (Article) posted at The Mind Of Jon.

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