Nanny uses to plot her crimes


A former nanny for a New York couple was arrested for sending $850 worth of clothing belonging to twin boys in her charge to a Texas woman she met online.

Police arrested Donna Crowe, 24, of Wyckoff and a law student at Villanova University in Pennsylvania, after she allegedly sent clothing to an expectant Cypress, Texas woman after chatting with her online on an Internet Web site,

Police began investigating a tip from a friend of the family’s in August after finding Crowe was impersonating the mother of the twins on by posting pictures of the boys and the family’s house, both the interior and the exterior, as her own.

Crowe also posted a picture of an unidentified couple and claimed the photos were of herself and her husband, according to authorities.

Police became more aggressively involved following postings on the chat Web site in which Crowe indicated she would like to meet some of the other chat room mothers at a central location, possibly Canada, with the twin children in tow.

It’s a bit more than obvious that the arrest curbed an attempted abduction.

While this is and can be a terrifying experience, it’s a good example that 1. Not everyone on the internet is nice and trustworthy – 2. The internet can be a great resource to aide in helping protect your family if you or someone you know knows how to police for those possible red flags and 3. It’s great that websites exist that tend to lure would be criminals into a community of people who are very helpful in foiling some crimes.

Source: Chatham Courier Image credit: Stock.xchng

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    • Lisa

      Wow that is scary!! Glad it was discovered and foiled!

      2. The internet can be a great resource to aide in helping protect your family if you or someone you know knows how to police for those possible red flags

      Can you expand on this?? What can I actively be doing to look for/find these red flags?

    • Stacie Hagiht Connerty

      OMG, that is so awful. Glad that someone caught on!

    • Kara Greathouse

      The sad truth is that Donna Crowe’s first persona, “Laurenesq” went on for more than a year until I actually busted her for using stolen photos of someone else (including copywritten nude maternity shots) in November of 2007. I could not find out who she actually was however, until her recent arrest. She actually came back twice more, more recently under the “Jenny” persona, which is when she was arrested for the theft charges.

      There are fake profiles on cafemom, and we members are all aware of that fact. It is typically someone very immature with an emotional need.

      What is bothersome is that Donna Crowe, who also was running adoption scams in 2002 when she was only 18 years old (promising couples her babies that did not exist), is obviously a troubled and possibly dangerous person. I went out of my way, as did others who backed me, to urge cafemom to do something in September 2007 when we found out that “Lauren” wasn’t truly Lauren. THe reason is that because when she was Lauren she had a pattern of befriending pregnant women or with newborns. When I realized this pattern and that she was a fake and had become soooo involved with others I grew concerned. What put the concern over the edge is that I found out that she had been getting very close to these women and offering to send gifts, thereby obtaining their addresses. This set off a major red flag for me.

      I notified cafemom of this pattern, gave all info including the stolen photos and proof of where she stole them and they did……….the minimum. I urged them to at the very least IP block her, but to also try to identify her and make sure she did not have a record. I didn’t even necessarily want or need to know who she was. But there was a clear pattern and I thought it was due diligence. For any other fake profile I would just ignore it, or hit “report” and move on. But, I truly thought this woman was a threat.

      The only thing they did was disable her profile. In fact, until I complained again last week the stolen photos of someone elses naked body were still online.

      More disturbing is that many members contacted a psychologist at UNC Chapel Hill who she claimed to be friends with. He verified they were friends but then backed up her lies. We’ve never figured out why.

      Due to cafemom’s negligence and this “doctor” covering for her she was able to go on and violate this family in a very disturbing way. It isn’t about the $850 clothes. It is a woman who clearly has MAJOR psychological problems being entrusted with your helpless babies for months. It could have been avoided.

    • Laura

      This chick approached me online via email in February as Lauren Henson. Said she was pregnant, and wanted to get to know my husband and I- she had looked at our profile and liked it. We talked on the phone a couple times, but she disappeared when we started making plans to fly out to MD to meet her. Thank God no monies were lost on her.

    • michelle

      Donna Crowe was my nanny back in November of 2009. I found her on She was a Villanova Law Graduate and had a successful backgroud check done. She seems professional, caring, and kind towards my 7 month old baby. About two weeks or so into her employment with my family, I realized we were missing a photo card in one of our cameras. I asked her about it and she said she had to idea what I was talking about. My husband and I let her go after we realized she was telling us some stories that did not make sense. I got a call this weekend from someone in Georgia who told me that pictures of my daughter were posted online by this woman Danielle Shepherd. I saw a picture of Danielle Shepherd and realized immediatley it was Donna Crowe. Donna Crowe had taken pictures of my child, myself, and my husband and created numerous blogs and fake pages about my family. She also had stolen pictures from our personal home computer. These postings were on, (her username is “sheppy” on, (her username is danielle s.),on facebook under “Danielle Shepherd” and under “Lauren Henson”, on, etc. Donna was telling prospective adoptive parents that she gave birth to my daughter and that my husband and I were the adoptive parents. She spent hours of her time writing blogs about her (fake) birth experience and how we had an open adoption. She posted my wedding pictures, pictures of my home and baby’s room, pictures of her kissing my child (a photo taken by herself), pictures from my baby in the hospital, etc. I found this extremely scary and very alarming. She was now telling people that she was pregnant with ANOTHER baby and was looking for someone to adopt the baby. She is not pregnant. She even sent out ultrasound pictures to numerous people. These ultrasound pictures say “L Henson” on them.
      What is also disturbing is that there are pictures of a little boy who she calls “Jacob” on her page. He looks to be about a year and a half. She does not have children. This is someone else’s child.

    • Annie

      Please send actual links to Donna’s postings. I need to seach for photos of my child.

    • Styx

      Donna Crowe was on also as Lauren Primrose Miller… a dentist in NJ. Does anyone know the outcome of her case?