Steak ‘N Shake Coupons

steaknshake In the paper today I came across an insert for Steak n Shake, I won’t lie I haven’t been there. Hubby doesn’t find any interest in the place, I think because it has shakes and steak in the same thing. I might go though, this looks really good. Any opinions on the place?

Happy House (1/2 off original price) from 2-4 p.m. M-Fri
4 Meals under $4


-  FREE Hot fudge sundae (oh melt my heart) with purchase of Sandwich
-  .99 onion rings
-  $2.99 double steakburger w/cheese n bacon
-  $3.49 turkey club
-  $3.99 chicken fingers n fries
-  $5.99 steak n shake meal
-  $5.99 patty melt, fries n side
-  $5.99 Pepperjack melt, fries n sides
-  $5.99 turkey melt, fries n side
-  $5.99 Steak n shake meal
-  $5.99 frisco melt, fries n side

IMG: Steaknshake site

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    • Ann Huddleston

      We didn’t go for the longest time but we finally went just to get something quick and now we love it for hamburgers and have a shake for dessert. I would recommend it if you want a good fairly inexpensive meal.

    • Brianeshia

      How do get the coupons?

    • roni

      People who know Steak and Shake have been known to drive for hours to eat at one…it is like everything else in life;the good ones are worth the drive and the bad ones are…well, you know…

      I came here seeking coupons because we want to go and there is one close by which is a “good one” They have wonderful little crunchy french fries and you can(usually) see the cooking area(which I call a plus)..and the shakes are a wonder…try it you’ll like it!

    • Kevin Hester

      It’s my favorite. The steakburgers (I didn’t call them hamburgers) are simply the best pair it with a malt (made with real ice cream and real milk) and your in heaven.