• Wed, Feb 11 2009

Must-See Offbeat Architecture of the Week

During my weekly Stumble Upon architecture trip (yes, I am addicted to the SU architecture channel like crack) I found some amazing offbeat and beautiful structures you have to see…

Casa Batllo : The House of Bones – at Sooth Brush. They’ve got loads of interior pics posted – the best collection of this casa I’ve ever seen. You’ll love it. There are some incredibly lovely and unique features at Batllo.

What We Do Is Secret, a cool blog that should also win an award for having one of the top 10 best blog titles ever, has this amazing post up; Dancing trees, Singing birds, that looks at an apartment complex by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Architects. A DO NOT miss event.

And my fave find of the week…

Casey Brown Architecture: Mudgee Permanent Camping at Research Architecture. This house is so utterly fabulous that I want to go build my own replica right this second. Modern, green, and breath taking – you will not believe the images. This is house lust of the best kind, the kind you’ll be thinking about all day.

Have you seen anything amazing this week? Um, let me rephrase. Any amazing architecture this week – sorry, no weird stories about the perfect Cajun Black Bean Fettuccine – it might be good for dinner, but alas, you can’t live in pasta. Not comfortably anyhow.

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