MIT’s Solar Car

Right now, it does look like something that would have come out of a science fiction movie. But there is more to just how it looks. The newest solar race car that the MIT has created has got the goods that will make most owners of alternative energy vehicles drool.

The Solar Electric Vehicle Team of the university is the group behind this newest solar race car. They say that this ride can zoom by at speeds of 90 miles per hour. They had spent $243,000 on this one and they call it Eleanor. Just like the vehicle that Nicolas Cage was so afraid of in Gone in 60 Seconds? I don’t know.

But anyhow, George Hansel, one of the members of the solar team, shares, “It drives beautifully. It’s fun to drive and quite a spectacle.” They are working on the vehicle already and testing it because it is going to be taking part at the World Solar Challenge which is a 2000-mile solar race for seven days through Australia.

Source: Wired

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