Parenting at it’s breast

I saw this story a few days ago and couldnt’ believe my eyes.  Now, I am all about good time management and multi tasking but I don’t think this mom was going about it in the right direction, no pun intended.

Genine Compton of Ohio was arrested at the beginning of the month for driving, breast feeding, and talking on the  phone.  Now, I am a proponent of all 3 but not at the same time.  There has to be another side of this story.  Anybody know it?  Because I am not getting it?!?!?!

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    • mom_of_14

      from what i read on another blog, she told police the baby was crying because it was hungry and she needed to feed him/her. i know how it feels when your breastfeeding to hear your baby wailing away with hunger….but a more sensible (and safer) option would have been to pull over and feed the baby. i multitask to the hilt…but i don’t know how she managed to do all 3 at one time!!! i think just a poor judgement call on her part. hopefully, she realizes the tragedy that could have happened had she been in an accident.

    • Celeste

      Why couldn’t she just pull over?

    • Ali

      This was all over the news. I live in Indiana. This wasn’t the first time the woman has done this and she said she would do it again. She said her baby was hungry and needed to get her other childern to school. Her other childern were also not wearing any type of seatbelt.

    • mom_of_14

      i thought the baby was an itty bitty…i saw the video clip (the one where she was being interviewed by a news station) and she started breast feeding her little one on camera. she baby appears to be a year or older…old enough that she could have either a supplemental bottle or a bottle of breast milk. mom doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with what she did. she keeps saying “if my baby’s hungry, i’m going to feed her.” while it’s commendable that she doesn’t want her baby upset and crying because she’s hungry and feeds on demand…i don’t think she’s grasping the true danger of the whole situation.

    • mom_of_14

      not “she baby”….her baby.

    • kellys

      I think the point is that she is being completely unsafe and dangerously reckless with her children IF she is continuing to drive with her kids not buckled in. I nursed Turkey Butt until she was 18 months old. Once she was a year old, nursing was really a comfort measure. But she was constantly coming on and off.

      That was ok with me, but this mom is taking the lives of her entire family in her hands when she drives with a distraction.

    • mom_of_14

      i agree, it’s the safety issue. i nursed most of mine for at least a year and two of them quite long (one was 3 and one was 3 1/2 years. they just didn’t want to give it up.) i hope she realizes what could happen.