Jewelry artist: Airdrie Makim

Artist: Airdrie Makim
Website: Joolz

I love using natural materials in my work – they have such a wonderful ‘feel’ to them. The colours of nature are so warm and inviting, and they are so beautiful to wear. I’m a big fan of supporting the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials in design work too, so naturally (no pun intended) I gravitate towards these materials. Recycled native Australian timber beads are a big favourite of mine, and they are so beautiful that I rarely feel the need to enhance them beyond simply stringing them on chain. Pearls, the only organic, sustainable gem on the planet, are a huge favourite. I use them in so much of my work. I don’t think there’s a person anywhere who doesn’t look great and feel great in pearls. I am finding that people who previously wouldn’t have ever thought of wearing pearls (they had this crazy notion that they are an ‘old lady’ gem) are now looking at them as an option, which is fabulous. I combine buffalo horn with recycled wood for one of my bracelets, and shells with pearls and stone too. Natural materials work beautifully on their own as a feature piece, or alongside one another. Enhancing a person’s natural beauty with a piece of wearable art constructed of natural materials is a gift that I treasure.

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