Carnival of Positive Thinking

I must be getting old as Sunday’s seem to come round quicker, quicker! Here are this weeks articles to help us with our positive thinking to cope and get through our grief

Anna presents The What If Principle posted at The Engaging Brandsmiling lady

Aparna presents Beauty and Personality Grooming: Count to 10 to Control Anger posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “Which is the oldest and most recurrent advice offered when you are angry? Obviously the answer would be – Count to 10, before you speak. Simple it may sound, but this age-old advice does work. But when you are angry, it may seem to be the hardest tip of all.”

cody butler presents Eliminate Stress And Worry From Your Life Quickly And Easily posted at Dream Life Coaching Blog. Ask your questions., saying, “Easy tips and advice on how to eliminate stress and worry from your life.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Michael Merzenich: Brain Plasticity offers Hope for Everyone posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, “”Whatever you struggle with in a sense as it stems from your neurology, the inherent plasticity of the brain gives you a basis for improvement. This is a way underutilized and under-appreciated resource that well all have.”"

Jeremy Ulmer presents How To Stay Positive posted at Sales Coaching | Business Coaching | Life Coaching.

Stephen Martile presents How to Stay Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up posted at by Stephen Martile, saying, ” So, you feel like giving up do you? Well here’s the good news – you’re normal. Everyone goes through it. I’ve gone through it. It’s human nature to want to give up. The difference between the real performers and those people who are the average Joes, is that the real performers bounce back very quickly.”

ChristianPF presents The importance of devoting time to thinking posted at Money in the Bible | Christian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “Why it is so important to spend time letting your brain wander…”

Metaphysical Junkie presents 5 Coping Methods to Get Through a Rough Patch posted at Metaphysical Junkie, saying, “I’m a first time submitter. I hope you like the article. Please feel free to contact me with feedback. Thanks.”

Warren presents How to be Happier – 10 Scientifically Supported Ideas posted at, saying, “Your ideas about how to become happier are probably wrong. Happiness isn’t to be found in the circumstances of our lives, but in the actions we take day-to-day. Here are 10 techniques, tested in scientific experiments, that you can use to become happier.”

Robinis presents Making The Most Of Life posted at Let’s Live Forever!.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of positive thinking using our carnival submission form.

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