Healthbolt Book Review: My Diva Diet.

There’s no getting around it – diet really is a four letter word. It’s a word that frequently conjours up feelings of frustration, impatience, disappointment, sadness, and even failure.

my_diva_dietWhich is probably why Christine Lakatos describes her book My Diva Diet as ‘A Woman’s Last Diet Book’. It’s a turn of phrase that’s guaranteed to attract those who are looking for an answer to all their dieting woes.

And it’s very likely it might just do just that. A 413 page workbook, resource, and motivational guide, My Diva Diet got my attention from the get go with it’s innovative characters. There’s Ms Diva who highlights all useful tips and her sidekick Paws, who summarizes the how-to information. Superheroes and Diet Villains also make an appearance to emphasize who the true diet allies and enemies are. If you‘re starting to think this is all sounding juvenile and too TV cartoon-ish, trust me it‘s not. There is so much information packed into this book, that it could easily become the only diet book I’ll ever need.

The basic premise of the book rests on what Christine Lakatos calls the ‘five factors affecting body fat and health’ – liquid consumption, quality and distribution of calories, quality and purity of calories, restrictive and unbalanced dieting, and exercise. Christine first explains in detail how each of these factors, individual and combined, can sabotage weight loss efforts. She then offers specific changes that can be made to help stop the sabotage.

But Christine doesn’t just focus on food and eating habits. It’s also about making positive lifestyle changes to ensure not short term success but lifelong success and improved health overall.

User-friendly and interactive, My Diva Diet offers quizzes, checklists, recipes, advice, and tips in a quirky way that will not only motivate but also entertain readers as they work on achieving their desired goals.


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    • Fitness Forum

      Diet is a four letter word because society associates eating properly as “hard”

    • Sally

      Christine Lakatos, the author of My Diva Diet is a great example that nourishing our body properly has it’s rewards and payoffs! She is amazing!

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    • Clinton Walker III

      The key is the word “lifestyle change”. Teaching individuals that there is not a magic pill or formula to lose weight. You have to eat balanced meals and exercise to lose weight.