Hypnotize Yourself to Passion

Let me be the first to say I usually don’t believe in self-help mumbo-jumbo.

In fact, a few years ago, when a guy I was crazy about gave me a self-empowerment book for my birthday, I nearly cried. (And not with elation. Seriously, it was proof how little he knew about me.)

That said, Love Well is a tasteful, guided imagery/self hypnosis approach to re-igniting passion.

love-well-cover-2-lighter-larger-typeNarrated by Janet Montgomery, this CD is not remotely as crazy and new age as you may think – it’s soothing and pretty darn thoughtful – using “guiding imaging” and Jeff Gold’s relaxing instrumental music to really help you to, well, help yourself.

I’m trying out the CD now – there’ s a free sample on their site, you should as well, and tell me what you think!

Image: Live Well Series

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