Crafters, Boost Your Blogging Experience

Google Blogger for Dummies, a recently published book by Susan Gunelius, provides extensive resources for anyone starting a blog or expanding one.

Many quilters, fabric artists and craftspeople have blogs or plan to develop them.  Although Google Blogger itself walks you through the set-up steps without confusion, there often are situations that puzzle you.

Susan Gunelius, a former b5 blogger,  solves this for you with Google Blogger for Dummies.  Even though I have several blogs, I am learning a great deal by reading Susan’s book.

Some crafters set their blogs up simply for fun, as my daughter has with Meandering Threads.  Others use blogs to promote their books, classes, talks, and products.  While a third group desires to “monetize” their blog, essentially making money from affiliate ads and other revenue resources.  Some bloggers combine all three.

Whatever the reason for developing or maintaining your blog, Susan’s book will provide you  with helpful information and resources.  From the first steps of setting up the blog, with numerous helpful graphics, Susan takes you through various stages for developing content, posting photos, blogging effectively, monetizing, networking, setting up multiple blogs, and utilizing associated resources such as Picasa, YouTube and Feedburner.

I find this is a book I now wouldn’t be without, even though I’ve been blogging for several years before Google Blogger for Dummies.

Susan Gunelius comes with experience as a professional blogger and is well-known as a marketing and branding expert.  She has written two other books:  Kick-Ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps and Harry Potter: the Story of a Global Business Phenomenon.

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