Save Plastic Bags for Farmer’s Market

You may already use plastic bags to take your lunch or to line trash cans, but have you considered collecting bags for reuse at your local farmer’s market? You can help farmers avoid the overhead of buying paper or plastic bags by giving them bags you’ve collected. Or you can just simply take your own bags to help save a bag.


I use cloth reusable shopping bags, but sometimes I forget them. Also, some grocery store baggers are determined that certain items need to go in plastic bags, even inside my cloth bags. So, even though I take my own bags to the store, I still find myself with a few plastic bags.


Shy about giving plastic bags to farmers? Don’t be! I grew up helping my parents with their veggie/fruit business and we always had a few loyal customers who collected bags for us. It’s normal. Just make sure the bags are clean and don’t have holes in them, and your donation will be appreciated. Plus, it’s very eco-friendly to reuse.

If you’re looking for some great reusable shopping bags, try That’s where I got mine (pictured).

Do you take your own bags to the store or save plastic bags for reuse?

(Images by Peggy Rowland)

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    • evi

      I am sorry but have to vent a bit now. What is it with those plastic-bags in American supermarkets? Those people who are employed simply for BAGGING groceries? Geeeez… I live in Austria. If you go to the supermarket, you bag your groceries yourself. You bring your own bag. If you come without a bag, YOU PAY FOR IT. EUR 1,- per bag. Guess how many people bring their own bags?
      What is it with all those plastic-bags? I NEVER go grocerie-shopping without my canvas-bags. I don’t trust plastic – if you put too much into it, they break. Therefore, someone invented double-bagging. What a great idea – just double the trash, costs, and harm for the environment.
      I’d suggest putting a fee onto the plastic-bags. It is sad but a fact that people don’t do things unless they would have to pay for the more comfortable way. Just try it. It works here.
      Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it! Keep going!

    • David Millar

      I haven’t been to a farmers’ market before, but I plan on going to the local one… (…or two – new town I’ve moved to is huge!) I’m actually working on knitting a long tube to carry purchases in. I figure not only will it save bags, but the tube structure instead of a typical bag will prevent my purchases from knocking each other around and getting bruised or broken. Plus it will just be an interesting conversation piece (I hope).

    • Peggy Rowland

      Evi, It’s true that America is lagging behind when it comes to getting rid of plastic bags. I feel a bit of sadness each time I see one blown into a tree or river. Some cities in America have passed regulations, but we still have a long way to go. As for the baggers, many of them also stock groceries. Please stick around. It’s great to have passionate readers.

      David, Noreen at Hankering for Yarn (a blog here at Blisstree) has knitted lots of grocery bags. I hope you enjoy the farmer’s market. I have a feeling you will.

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