Babies Birth: No April Fool’s Joke

A set of quadruplets were born right here in Kansas City on April Fool’s Day and no that isn’t a joke. Stephanie and Randy McCleary went in for an induction on this 712590_pack_of_diapersvery silly day and ended it on a very positive note, the birth of their four babies.  Elizabeth, Cameron, Matthew and Zachary were born and the only joke will be from them as they torture their parents with nightly feedings and diaper changings.

As for what they might need, they might need diapers and wipes but they’ve been stocking up on that since Christmas.Congratulations to the happy couple and the four new babies.

UPDATE: I wanted to apologize to Stephanie, apparently I had read induction but it was suppose to be an ovulation induction so she could get pregnant, not to be induced. The article I had read did not state she’d been in the hospital long, just that they were stocking up and needed diapers. I hope this clears everything up. Once again, I am terribly sorry and hope those babies are doing just fine.


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    • Stephanie

      I am the Stephanie who had them and thought it was silly that it says I was induced! I was on bed rest at KU for 3 months keeping those babies in as long as I could! It just happened that my body was done.