White Chocolate Deviled Eggs

Two of the biggest food icons for Easter are now one: Chocolate and eggs.


Of course, the reality isn’t as gross as it may sound! These are just white chocolate, Rice Krispies cereal and red sugar:

Melt white chocolate chips over low heat on your stove. Pour into greased, horizontally split, plastic Easter eggs. Let cool and harden, then pop the white chocolate “egg whites” out of the plastic egg halves.

Melt yellow candy melts in microwave according to package directions, then mix with Rice Krispies until the consistency looks like real deviled egg mixture.

Spoon yellow mixture onto the hardened “egg white” halves and sprinkle with red sugar to resemble traditional paprika. Let your candy treat cool.

How easy is that?

[image: flickr]

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    • http://jeffersonstable.typepad.com/ s. stockwell

      Greetings from Santa Barbara, California. This is just about the most delicious little creative Easter idea we have found!! Bravo…we will watch for new posts. best, s

    • http://www.somesaycocoa.wordpress.com somesaycocoa

      Ah you had be going there for a minute. Brilliant photo and the food combinations are very Heston Blumenthal ;-) He is always experimenting with wacky food combinations.

    • http://www.chocolatebytes.com/ Heather R.

      Hi Cocoa! Very true, and I realized after writing this up that if I were to bite into one of these eggs I’d probably be disappointed — I love the real thing and am not terribly crazy about white chocolate! :D

    • http://blog.sweetservices.com/sweetscandyblog/ Pam Walter

      Hey! This looks simple enough that even I should be able to do it.