Using Vintage Tablecloths

I love vintage textiles. I don’t exactly collect them, but I do have a nice selection of tablecloths and dish towels. I like to use my textiles in the home, but I don’t want to ruin a tablecloth that has survived 50 years without a stain either. So, how do I use my tablecloths without destroying them?

Photo: SXC

Photo: SXC

  • The easiest and simplest way to use a vintage tablecloth and still keep it safe is to simply cover it with a piece of clear vinyl which is cut to the same size. I get the vinyl from the local fabric store, where I can buy it off a roll by the foot.
  • Another option is to turn a vintage tablecloth into a wall hanging using a poster sized frame.
  • Have a round tablecloth that is really pretty, but not flawless? Try turning it into a circle skirt.

Do you have any ideas for displaying or using vintage tablecloths?

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