Reynold’s Wrap 100% Recycled Foil

So, as you know I got my review roll of the new Reynold’s Wrap 100%  recycled aluminum foil last week.  Other than it being completely torn up in transit, what do I think?

I could not tell a difference between this and the regular one.  I am thrilled to say that the Reynold’s Wrap 100% recycled performed as well as the regular stuff.


From the website:

  • Food-safe foil made from a mix of pre and post consumer aluminum.
  • Strength and durability you’ve come to expect from Reynolds Wrap®.
  • Available in Standard and Heavy Duty strengths.
  • The packaging and core are made from 100% recovered paper and the inks used on the product packaging are water-based.
  • Located in the foils, wraps and bags aisle at grocery and mass market retailers nationwide.

To show that they are serious the company also is using recycled packaging.  In fact, by using recycled aluminum foil it is estimated that there is 80% reduction in energy used compared to making it from new materials.  Plus there are fewer greenhouse gasses and less things filling up the landfill.

So, what goes into the aluminim foil?  Car parts, stadium seats, cookware, lots of things….and it is heated to unbelievable temperatures so it is clean and safe for food.

You can get coupons for 100% Recycled Reynold’s Wrap and more information on the Reynold’s Wrap website. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.  The one thing is that I have not yet seen it in stores so I don’t know what the price difference is.

image: Reynold’s Wrap

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    • Jennifer

      How do they get the recycled aluminum, from people’s garbage? I don’t see how this can be recycled.

    • Elyse

      My boyfriend will totally want to buy this stuff! I’m so glad that it tested out so well.

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    • Marye Audet

      Jennifer, the aluminim is recycled from the recyclers. It isn’t foil from people’s garbage. It is aluminim cookware, cans and other things that are melted down at a very high heat and turned into foil.

    • Marye Audet

      Yep I really like it. does a great job.