New Oreo Strawberry Milkshake Creme

While running some errands yesterday I spotted a new display at Target: Limited Edition Oreo Strawberry Milkshake Creme. Being an Oreo lover (who isn’t?) I felt it was my duty to grab a package to try.

Oreo Strawberry Milkshake Creme

Oreo Strawberry Milkshake Creme

The 12 oz package was $2.75, not too bad considering the usual 18 oz package usually runs about $3.50 here.

Don't mind the missing row...

Don't mind the missing row...

Upon opening you see it’s not the same packaging setup that the usual Oreos have, with the three long rows. This one has three shorter rows with 8 cookies in each row, for a total of 24 in the package. There was really no strong smell, which to me is a good sign.


The cream filling, of course, is pink. It seems to be a little bit thicker than the usual cookies, and it’s definitely a lot smoother and creamier.

I found the taste to be very pleasant — not too sweet but just enough strawberry to know that’s what you’re eating. The chocolate cookie is the same old Oreo (which has always been the best part, to me!) and neither flavor overpowers the other. The regular white filling usually leaves me feeling like I’ve eaten Crisco, but the strawberry filling in these leave no unpleasant mouth-feel, and even the aftertaste is nice.

In all, I’d say it’s worth the money, especially if you’re an Oreo fan, and I hope maybe it’s one they’d consider taking off “limited edition” status! I’d definitely buy these if they stayed in stores.

Have you tried the Strawberry Milkshake Oreos? What did you think?

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    • Ive

      Actually I have tasted these. They had a few packages around when I worked at Kraft two summers ago. I thought they were disgusting, but to be fair I have never been a fan of fake strawberry flavour. I find they are waaaaay too sweet and they have a chemical aftertaste or maybe like bad toothpaste.
      I was a big fan of the inverted colors Oreo where the cookie was withe chocolate (not the vanilla ones in the “Golden” version) and the filling was chocolate cream. I wish they’d bring those back.

    • Janelle

      I think these aren’t so much a “limited edition” as they are a seasonal item. They were out this time last year for a limited time only, before they were yanked from the shelves, much to my dismay (not having gotten to try them yet), and my friend’s (so much so that she wrote a letter to the company!).

    • Ann

      I recently purchased these to try also. Although I do not drink strawberry milkshakes, I loved these cookies! I agree that the flavor of the filling was just right – not too sweet and not overpowering.

      However my husband who is a strawberry milkshake lover didn’t care for these cookies at all. And my son who only likes chocolate chip cookies loved the cream but not the cookie. There’s no accounting for taste I guess.

    • Wendy

      We tried these last year when they showed up on shelves…. We each had one and threw the rest away. None of us found the strawberry essence pleasant; it really does have a milkshake-y flavor that, to us, made the strawberry taste seem odd.

    • Sherlie

      I tried them, bought them two weeks ago and there is still a half package left. Does that say how much we liked them? Yeah, they arent worth writing home about really. Thanks for your article on them.

    • Lydia

      saw these @ target yesterday and i HAD to pick one up… still haven’t tried it yet though…

    • Laura Flowers

      I saw them too and made brownies out of them. I love them! The recipe is blogged if you want to see.

    • Heather R.

      Hi Janelle! Supposedly when something says it’s “limited edition” it means they’re testing it out in certain areas before making them a permanent product. I don’t know how true that actually is but it would make sense if they’re popping in and out of some areas!

      Hi Laura! Oh my, those look delicious!

    • Elyse

      I haven’t tried these, but I hope that I can find them soon. They look totally delicious, and knowing my love of Oreos, they’d be right up my alley.

    • veggie wedgie

      these look super yummy!

    • Susan Baker

      I sell these dipped in chocolate (when they are available) and can’t make enough! People LOVE these!!!

    • Tony Chester

      My wife brought a package of these home a few weeks ago, I being a Low Fat Oreo fan myself, was anxious to try them out. They were good but not great. The packaging was more visually tasting than the actual flavor :(

    • mattie

      I Love These Oreo Cookies And Hope To Keep Finding Them in The Stores

    • bruno

      waiting 4 a reply

    • mark harris

      i would like to see “golden strawberry oreos”

    • Reebok74

      I love these cookies! Very smooth..not too sugary, no bad after taste.

    • Cheryl

      Tried these for the first time the other day and to me THEY ARE TOO GOOD!!! =D
      I actually like them better than the original. I wish they weren’t a limited edition. =(

    • bruno

      u guys gave me some ideas,i have a juice and milkshake bar in mauritius,i do have oreo shake and mint oreo shake,so im going to try the strawberry oreo shake with real strawberry fruit…..thanks guys

    • Heather R.

      Hi Bruno – What are you waiting on a reply for?