Simple crocheted flower makes great jewelry

Sometimes, the simple things in life are a huge delight.

photo by Noreen Crone-Findlay (copyright)

photo by Noreen Crone-Findlay (copyright)

For instance, super simple crocheted flowers make wonderful jewelry, which of course means that they make great handmade gifts!

(Thinking Mother’s Day? I am …)

Crocheted flowers are one of my favorite motifs.

This quick and easy little crocheted flower is one that I have been making forever.

It is simple and fun to use as earrings or as a pin for wraps, hats, bags or other accessories.

You can crochet it in wire or thread or ribbon, or yarn or any of your favorite stringie things.

Embellish it with buttons, beads, found objects (we found a cool bottle cap on the road the other day – my husband saw it and said: ‘ Look at this- a polar bear! You can use this in one of your pieces!’ ), or charms.

Or, make several different sizes and stack them up and stitch them together.

Of course, you can add them to crocheted, knitted, woven, spool knitted or tatted projects, too.

The finished size of the flower is determined by the thickness of the yarn/thread/cord/string/wire/fabric strips that you use, and how many strands you hold together.

The other factor that determines the finished size of the flower is the size of your hook.  The same yarn will respond differently to different sizes of hooks.

Because it’s such a quick and easy thing to make, you can so some serious experimentation while playing with this motif!

And, here’s the video:

Happy flowers!

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