Friends and Classmates Memory Book

Today was my son’s last day of school for the summer. He came home with a really cool class book to remember his classmates. All of the kids in his class filled out one sheet of paper and answered several questions.

  • Favorite food



  • Favorite book
  • Favorite color
  • Favorite subject
  • Funniest thing that happened this year
  • This summer I will…
  • Liked most
  • Liked least
  • Nickname
  • Favorite song
  • What I want to remember…

Each student also had space at the bottom of the page to draw a picture. Some drew a picture of something that happened during the school year, and others drew pictures of what they will do this summer.

The teacher bound all the pages together, and added color cover with the class name.

It was really fun to read all the kids responses. I’m sure it will be a book my son will look back at later and get a good chuckle.

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    • Michaela Schwartz

      I never had a friend died before but 2 friends of mine are going diffent. One of my friends is going to Benson High & my other friend is going to move to Chicago,IL. My friend who is going to Benson name is Valerie Roberts & then my friend who is moving to Chicago,IL name is Kristen Koley.