Making a Bad Mood Work for You

In a bad mood? We all get there from time to time. Believe it or not, if you’re in a bad mood, you can actually turn that around to be a positive thing for you. Here are four tactics to make your bad mood the best thing evah!


  • Be Strategic. Direct your complaint to someone who’s really interested in hearing it. Make sure it’s not always to the same person–she could come to think of you as an inveterate grouser.
  • Be Clear. Need to vent? Say so up front (“I just need to get this off my chest–bear with me”). If your goal is to change the status quo, be sure to follow through with a new idea.
  • Be Constructive. Use facts and be diplomatic. “Your mom isn’t being flexible about your birthday” is better than “Your mom is always so difficult.”
  • Be Moderate. Choose your battles wisely; no matter how justified your complaint, too much kvetching is simply annoying.

I especially like the part about being specific with facts (“be constructive”). Tailoring your gripe into one bite-sized piece is especially good if you’re talking to a guy. If you make a blanket statement, it just doesn’t seem to resonate. Give him a specific complaint, and he tends to want to correct it.


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