Crafty Summer Fun for Kids

I’m just getting prepared for teaching a summer’s worth of art & crafts camps for kids.

I’ve got dozens of projects planned out, my supplies are ready to go – and hopefully the kids will be as enthusiastic about it as I am :-)


Are you still looking for more fun things for your kids to do over the summer?

Whip Up has been collecting some great ideas to keep your crafty kids happy this summer.  From learning how to weave, making sun prints to creating puppet shows, there are tons of fun ideas for happy kids.

image: Stock.xchg

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    • Margaret

      I LOVE this! Central to our computer game ItzaBitza ( is creative expression through drawing! The difference with finger painting is there is nothing to clean up and what children draw come to life in the game. It’s worth a look if you are looking for more crafty experiences.

      Margaret (CEO of Sabi and mom of two)