Unique Ways to Supplement Income

In this tight economy one-in-ten individuals report that they’ve had to take on a second job just to make ends meet, but those second jobs aren’t always so easy to find or easy to fit in with an existing family schedule. A recent CareerBuilder survey of 4,400 + U.S. workers founds that many are taking on odd jobs to make extra money. The CareerBuilder survey notes the following less conventional ways that people say they’re making money…

selling-catfishSome examples included:

  • Sell catfish dinners the front porch
  • Use a portable propane burner to heat oil
  • Make Star Wars costumes for people
  • Donate blood plasma
  • Research stories for a gossip columnist
  • Juggling chainsaws in a talent competition
  • Pose for an art class (yikes – I’d rather juggle the chainsaws)
  • Tarot card reader
  • Take notes in class for college students
  • Take items from the Lost & Found and sell them online (NOTE this is not a job, so not sure why it’s on here – that’s called petty crimes)
  • Give people in the office hair cuts
  • Testing recipes for a book
  • Work as a movie extra
  • Participate in product testing for bandages
  • Participate in university research studies

Some of these are more unique than other, and none seem long term. Of course our goal here at Thrifty Mommy is to help you spend less and save money, which is a form of making money, but that said, we have looked at other money making ideas in the past such as…

Have you been supplementing your income in odd ways? How?

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